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Family Holidays in Cambodia

This fascinating and friendly country has come a long way since its troubled past under the rule of the Khmer Rouge and is better known today for the epic ruins of the ancient city of Angkor, Cambodia’s spiritual and cultural heart. This huge temple complex isn’t just about history and craftsmanship, it sparks the imagination for adults and children alike, whether you want to get in touch with your inner Indiana Jones or pretend to be Lara Croft. 

Not to be missed is the sunset over Angkor Wat after a busy day counting the number of serenely smiling carved faces of The Bayon, or playing hide and seek in Ta Phrom marveling at the huge tree roots knitted through its walls. In addition, Cambodia offers so much more to the intrepid explorer such as the opportunity to spot the rare Irrawaddy dolphin, cruise Tonle Sap, South East Asia’s largest fresh water lake and, for the really brave, the chance to eat deep fried tarantula!

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