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Family Holidays in Vietnam

From north to south, Vietnam’s scenery is as ever changing as its climate as you head to the tropics. Cities along the way each offer their own character and a surprising variety of experiences to suit families who are looking for something different. 

Visit the ‘five H’s’ of Vietnam: Hanoi, Halong, Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City and discover the unique experiences this fascinating destination has to offer. Get lost in the maze of narrow streets of Hanoi’s old quarter where the scent of incense burning in small back street temples intermingles with the smell of street food sizzling in huge pots. Kayak through the eerie and atmospheric Halong Bay with its craggy rocky outcrops, hidden beaches and huge caves. Jump on an overnight train and head south to Hue where you can imagine life as an emperor in the huge Imperial Citadel. Cycle around beautiful Hoi An and eat delicious fish cooked in banana leaf for lunch. And near Ho Chi Minh City get on your hands and knees to crawl through part of the Cu Chi tunnels – a fascinating underground world built by the Vietcong resistance movement during the Vietnam-American war. 

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Deeper south find the Mekong Delta region where you will marvel as life unfolds on and around the river. And if that’s not enough you’ll find beautiful white sand beaches, both in Nha Trang and a short drive from Hoi An. Vietnam truly is a cocktail of colours and contrasts and ideal for intrepid explorers of all ages and sizes.

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