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Family Holidays in Central America

Central America is the name given to the group of countries on the narrow strip of land between North and South America. Consisting of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama; it is an exciting and diverse area to visit. Each country is unique and has its own distinguishing attractions.

When planning a family holiday to Central America it is worth considering the style of holiday your family enjoy. The region offers wonderful Caribbean beaches, exotic tropical wildlife, colourful local cultures, stunning scenery (including mountains, volcanoes and lakes), fascinating Pre-Columbian and colonial history and exciting adventure sports.

Costa Rica has been a popular choice for family holidays for some time. Its main attractions are the Pacific and Caribbean beaches, easy access to wildlife and well-established adventure activities. It has a family-friendly culture and a transport infrastructure that allows visitors to move reasonably easily around the country.


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The only island whose history took a very different turn from the rest is Cuba. Havana once played host to socialites and the world’s rich and famous, but following the socialist revolution of 1959 Cuba has been cut off from much of the rest of the world. With its population still living under many of the revolutionary ideals and much of the tourist infrastructure still under-developed, it is a complex but rewarding place to visit. However the combination of the attractions of a Caribbean Island, the vibrant Cuban culture, the magnificent, crumbling architecture and the influence of the Cuban Revolution make it a fascinating place to explore.

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