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Family Holidays in Belize

Lodged between Mexico and Guatemala and bordering the Caribbean Sea, the small nation of Belize is the only country in Central America where the official language is English. With large areas of forest, Belize is a paradise for tropical wildlife including humming birds, toucan, macaws, coati, tapir, howler monkey and the top carnivore – the jaguar. In Belizean folklore a three-foot evil dwarf with four fingers and no thumb – El Duende - dwells in the forest and punishes any children who kill the animals or steal eggs from bird nests!

The coast of Belize is blessed with beautiful sandy beaches and just off-shore, there are around 200 islands – known as Cayes – many of which form part of the Belize Barrier Reef – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is home to rich marine life including rays, sharks and turtles which can be spotted when snorkelling.

Like its neighbours, Belize was once home to the Mayan people; ruins of their cities are scattered throughout the country and some are yet to be fully excavated. The most impressive structures are the pyramids; climb to the top for great views of the surrounding area.

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