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Family Holidays in Europe

Choosing Europe for your family holiday has many benefits, especially if you’re travelling from the UK. There’s the simple convenience of short-haul travel for one, plus in today’s competitive airline market and with ferries and the ‘Chunnel’, you won’t need to spend an arm and leg to get away. There’s no need for any nasty jabs and you may even persuade your kids to try out their recently learnt French, German or Spanish!

Wherever you go in Europe, you really don’t have to travel far to enjoy an exciting, adventurous and truly memorable family holiday.


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Europe has many ideal destinations for families who prefer their holidays to be active and you certainly don’t need to sacrifice adventure by staying close to home. Fabulous mountains such as the Alps and Pyrenees offer up adrenalin charging activities as diverse as climbing and canyoning, whitewater rafting and all kinds of snow sports. Europe’s stunning coasts offer the perfect base from which to enjoy sea-kayaking, snorkelling, sailing and a whole host of other water sports. Trekking and cycling can be enjoyed pretty much everywhere. Popular destinations for families looking for a multi-active holiday include Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, France, Switzerland and Turkey.
Taking a holiday on board a boat has the advantage of giving your family both a relaxing and active trip at the same time as many activities and shore visits can be opted in or out of depending on how you feel at the time. So mum may even get to finish her book whilst the kids swim and dad visits the local archaeological site! Beaches are an important part of many family holidays and a boat-based holiday will often get you to the best of them far away from the summer holiday crowds. The warm and calm blue waters of the Mediterranean are a popular spot for a summer cruise and choosing a small traditional vessel such as a Turkish gulet, Greek caique or Croatian oldtimer for your boat holiday will give a much more genuine cultural experience than on a large cruise liner.
Eating out as a family when you’re away is an enjoyable and memorable experience, perhaps because it’s something many of us don’t quite get around to very often at home. Europe’s diverse cuisines offer up some really tasty culinary adventures and unlike some of the more far flung corners of the globe your kids’ taste buds won’t be too seriously challenged! Tuck into succulent kebabs in Turkey, fresh seafood in the Azores and tapas in Spain. In Italy you can even get the chance to try your hand at making your own dinner with a lesson in pizza or pasta making.

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