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Family Holidays in Sicily

There can be few places in the world more associated with tight family bonds than the Italian island of Sicily! Smack bang in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, this rugged volcanic outcrop is packed with dramatic scenery, blessed with a fantastic climate and has a delicious cuisine, making it an ideal destination to do some family bonding of your own.

Sicily’s main geographical landmark is Mount Etna. Standing at around 3350 metres, Etna is the largest volcano in Italy and one of the most active in the world. You can ascend its slopes via cable car and four-wheel drive for spectacular views out over the island to the sea beyond. Formed by lava flows from Mount Etna, the Alcantara Gorge plunges 50 metres down to the river below. One of the most dramatic natural sights on the island, the gorge provides a great location for hiking, camping and, if you’re feeling more adventurous, river trekking.


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As any Sicilian will tell you, food is the most important part of any family get-together. In the cuisine you can see how different cultures have influenced the island over the years, with couscous dishes from North Africa, fish, olives and pistachios from Greece, and rice and spices from the Arab world, all combining to make a mouth-watering experience.

If you want to add an educational element to your holiday a trip to one of Sicily’s well-preserved ancient sites is recommended. The coastal town of Taormina is perched on cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean and was an important town during the rule of both Greece and Rome. As a result it is littered with classical architecture, the most famous example being its ancient Greek theatre, built in a dramatic position overlooking the cliffs and sea.

After volcano climbing, river trekking, sightseeing and swimming, your family will probably welcome some relaxation time. So then it would be the perfect time to put your feet up, open a bottle of Sicilian wine and enjoy real family time, Sicilian style.

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