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Family Holidays in Portugal

Portugal has always been firmly on the family holiday radar as a great beach destination. Yet, in addition to its miles of sandy coastline Portugal has so much more to entice an adventure loving family. The Guadiana River on the mainland is excellent kayaking water, while the spectacular waterfalls of Pulo de Lobo are great fun to visit by jeep.

However perhaps Portugal’s most exciting and off-beat destination for adventurous families lie bathed by the warm waters of the gulf-stream: the nine little known islands of The Azores. The beautiful archipelago rises dramatically from the mid-Atlantic Ridge, surrounded by more than 1000 kilometres of ocean on all sides. 

Volcanic in nature, the islands boast dramatic and unusual scenery likened to that of Iceland and feature hot springs, where you can cook a sausage, bubbling mud pools as well as odd rock formations, such as an amazing 100 metre long lava tube that leads into an underground world of stalactites and stalagmites. Best of all is a dolphin and whale watching expedition. Keep those eyes peeled for sperm whales, orcas and bottleneck dolphins to name but a few of the diversity of species that call the waters around the Azores home.

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