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Family Beyond

Our Family Beyond trips are designed with adventurous families in mind, taking in exciting destinations that rank high in exploration –serving as a taster for gap year trips, or providing a way for seasoned-traveller parents to dust off their old backpacks to share the wonders of the world with the gang in tow.

Our Explore Family Beyond itineraries have been carefully crafted to incorporate all the highlights as well as lesser-known places, with surprises along the way to make for a truly memorable experience. The intrepid nature of these holidays means they’re well-suited for older children, who can fully appreciate getting to know new cultures and foods. Spend 3 days in the Komodo archipelago on a live aboard boat in search of the infamous Komodo dragon in the Indonesian island of Flores; journey across Vietnam, Cambodia into Thailand taking in many of South East Asia’s great sights along the way, explore the game parks and reserves of Moremi in Botswana in search of the continent’s most spectacular wildlife or combine the enchanted isles of the Galapagos with an adrenalin fuelled 8 days in Ecuador; memoriable family holidays that truly stand the test of time.


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