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Am I eligible to book an Explore Family Adventure?
For our purposes, a family is defined as having a minimum of two people, with at least one adult over the age of 18 and one child under 18.

What are the age limits?
Because of the active nature of Family Adventures, we provide guidelines regarding the minimum age that we feel is most suitable for each trip. This starts at 7 years of age, depending on the level of activity involved and overall suitability. On occasions we will accept families with children younger than 7, so long as they are travelling with an older sibling and the activities are suitable for a younger children. Should you wish to book a family adventure holiday for a child under 7 please telephone us to discuss the trip suitability for your family.

We offer some trips that are exclusively for families with children aged 11 or over. Whilst we don’t have a maximum age, we do recognise that at some point during our customers’ journey with us; they will reach an age where we will have to review the fitness and ability to participate in the trips they’ve chosen to book. Should you be 80 years old or older at the time of travel, we will ask you to get your GP to complete and sign a form confirming your fitness to travel. Explore will send this to you at the time of inquiry.

Travelling with Teenagers
Recognizing that older teens often prefer to travel with others their own age, we’ve planned plenty of choices for teenage families. 

Teenage trips are designed specifically for families with older children in mind, full of activity, adventure and new experiences. They include our more challenging trekking trips in Peru and Thailand and centre-based multi-activity trips in Europe. They are all ideal for families with children aged between 11 and 17. 

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