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Family Holidays in Egypt

Egypt is an ideal place to start if you are looking for an adventurous family holiday. It provides the excitement and exotic feel of a long haul destination but is only a short flight from Europe and offers excellent value for money.

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Family Holidays in Egypt

Home to some of the most iconic and ancient historical sites, from the Great Pyramids of Giza, the massive rock cut temple of Abu Simbel and Tutankhamun’s tomb in Luxor, there is plenty to see and do. A visit to Tutankhamun’s golden treasures which are housed in the Egyptian museum in Cairo is a must, something all children and adults enjoy. Children generally find it easy to engage with Egypt’s history, having learnt about Egypt at school through stories of mummification and the ancient pharaohs. They will love the chance to go inside a pyramid, a tomb, or hear stories of ancient curses and try to read the wall painted hieroglyphics.

Aside from the history, Egypt offers activity and adventure for families in many ways. You can take a camel ride through the desert to the abandoned Saint Simeon’s monastery in Aswan, donkey trek in Luxor through the fields and along the banks of the Nile at sunset, or you can take a ‘calesh’ or horse drawn carriage to the mighty Karnak Temple. 

Once you are tired out with all your adventures you can enjoy Egypt’s warm sunshine and relax by the hotel pool or take an iconic cruise boat down the Nile to Aswan where the pace of life is a little slower. Here you can have dinner with local Nubian families and learn about Egyptian life. If you are still up for adventure the classic Nile Cruise can be done by felucca, a traditional wooden sail boat. You can camp on the banks of the Nile at night time and listen to the local Nubian crew playing their drums and telling stories by the camp fire. Sleeping under the stars like this is one memory that will stay with you and your family for years to come. 

Heading away from the Nile valley the Red Sea has a lot to offer for families, with its beautiful turquoise waters and exotic marine life you can explore the colourful reefs teaming with fish by submarine, glass bottom boat or jump right in and snorkel among all the sea creatures. 
With so much to see and do Egypt is a family adventure waiting to happen!

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