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Family Holidays in Jordan

Jordan is a great family holiday destination and an adventure for children and adults alike. Feel like Indiana Jones entering the rose city of Petra, marvel at the colourful fish in the Red Sea, float on water at the Dead Sea, and enjoy an evening under the stars in Wadi Rum.

Petra is a legendary ancient wonder that captivates the imagination, with the vast buildings carved from the red mountain rock. Built by the Nabataeans, Petra is unique and bound to make a lasting impression on the whole family. As you enter the city through the narrow gorge you’ll catch your first glimpse of the much photographed Treasury. Further into the valley are elaborate tombs, a theatre, temples, altars and the remarkable Monastery.

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At Aqaba the clear, clean waters of the Red Sea are famed for their brightly coloured reef fish and coral, and are frequented by gentle whale sharks, turtles, sea cows and dolphins. The waters are teeming with live that is magical to explore.In Ajloun Nature Reserve you can enjoy a number of treks including the Crusader Trail to Ajloun Castle or the Prophets Trail to Tel Mar Elyias.

The Dead Sea is over 400 metres below sea level and the lowest point on earth. The sea is fed by a number of rivers, but once the waters reach here they evaporate in the hot sun and leave behind minerals and salts. The warm, relaxing water is ten times saltier than normal sea water and is buoyant enough for you to enjoy floating on.

In Wadi Rum you can enjoy four wheel drives, camel treks, camping Bedouin style under a thousand stars, and take-in the timeless and largely untouched vast desert landscape. Burdah Rock Bridge is one of the desert’s highlights, standing 35 metres high; it’s one of the highest natural rock arches in the world.

The ancient city of Jerash dates back over 6,500 years and has notable Roman history. It was hidden in the sand until being excavated around 70 years ago, to reveal one of the best preserved Roman provincial towns in the world with temples, theatres, baths, and public squares complete with fountains.

Jordan is a unique destination that will amaze and enchant you, with exciting historical monuments, unique natural features, rich Bedouin culture and friendly locals. The whole family are sure to feel welcome here and leave with a myriad of happy memories.

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