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Teenage Family Holidays

If you are a parent of teenagers who love excitement and adventure, how about joining an Explore Teen Adventure? The average age of teenagers on our Explore tours is 14 so on our family adventures programme you'll be in good company. Not only do our choice of tours dedicated to families with teenage children offer the chance for your kids to travel with other families, we also have a selection of tours tailored for teenagers which are packed with new experiences, new activities and the chance to share it all with other like-minded teens of their own age.

The best education in the world, is the world

Our family adventures with Explore offer the opportunity for teenagers to experience new cultures close up. With so many fascinating places to visit, you and your family can enjoy the holiday of a lifetime!

Our teen adventures are imaginative, fun and sometimes challenging. Best of all, you’ll be travelling within a small group of families with like-minded teenagers to share all the experiences with. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru, camel trek across Saharan dunes,have a go at cooking pastas or pizzas in Sicily or try even hydrospeed (riverboarding) in the Pyrenees. We keep busy, push the boundaries, and have a lot of fun!

All of our Explore family tours have a minimum age of 7 years old. We also recognise that older teens often prefer to travel with others their own age, so we have two main holiday options for those with teenagers in their family.


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Explore tours for children aged 11 and upwards are designed specifically with teenage families in mind, so that each person in your family can make the most of their trip with Explore. Those with teenagers in their families can take on more challenging trekking tours in Peru, Nepal and Morocco all ideal for families with older children. Alternatively why not consider an Explore multi-activity holiday, with diverse activities including diverse as canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, canyoning and much more.

Teen Departures

Many of our family adventure tours are ideal for teens too. Whilst some of the minimum age restrictions for these to are lower, we reserve dates exclusively for families with children aged between 11-17 so that teenagers can take part in our most popular Explore trips; of course you're welcome join open age departures as well.

Tours which accommodate for this age group can be identified by 11+ symbol in the price panels on the dates and prices tab on our website.

Explore tours use local suppliers, restaurants, tour leaders, transport and accommodation as much as possible. This allows for us to connect with the communities we visit along the way and positively impacts local economies, allowing us the opportunity to help develop their businesses for the future.

Explore's range of dedicated teenage Family holidays are designed to allow us time to meet people along the way. Our groups are small enough to be able to share a meal with a local host family, share in an impromptu game of football or cricket, take time out to taste delicacies at a local market or try your hand in preparing an authentic traditional dish. We really get under the skin of the country we’re visiting. Here are top five local experiences you can enjoy:

  1. Stop at local markets to purchase produce as we cruise the network of backwaters in Kerala, Southern India.
  2. Visit the Santa Elena Conservation Project in Monteverde, Costa Rica, helping raise money for future wildlife conservation.
  3. Support local communities and ‘dine local’ at a different fishing village each night – enjoy fresh Greek cuisine in family run restaurants famed for their hospitality on our 8 day Family Caique cruise.
  4. Take part in a Muay Thai boxing session and learn training techniques of this traditional martial art in Bangkok, Thailand
  5. Stay in a mud house eco-lodge in Anamaduwa, Sri Lanka as we head out kayaking, cycling and seeking out the regions rich endemic wildlife on a series of nature trails from the lodge.

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