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Wildlife Family Holidays

Children seem to have a special affinity with animals: whether its lions in Africa, tigers in India, or orangutans in Borneo, their holiday highlights are very often the animal encounters!

Explore arranges wildlife holidays all over the world for small groups and on a tailor-made basis. From safaris in Africa to rainforest adventures in Costa Rica, we have a diverse range of wildlife adventures for everyone, including families. 

Why not join us in the world-famous game parks of Tanzania, Botswana or South Africa in search of the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, buffalo and elephant)? You and your family could experience face-to-face encounters with the endangered orang utans of Borneo or visit a fabulous Cheetah conservation project in Namibia.


You could track the beautiful but elusive Bengal tiger in India or search for one horned rhino on an elephant-back safari in Nepal. So many of the animals we see are endangered or under threat from poaching or habitat encroachment: a common message from many of our wildlife leaders and guides, whether in India or Africa, is the urgent need to conserve our wildlife for future generations.  

Whether your family joins us on a small group tour or a privately organised itinerary with Explore Tailormade, our style of travel is perfect for wildlife viewing: by exploring in small, inconspicuous groups you can not only get into the heart of the animal kingdom for exciting wildlife encounters, but you can also enjoy longer periods of relaxed observation with excellent opportunities for photography and video. The tour leader can tailor these to suit the families, depending on the children’s ages and level of interest.    


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