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Festival Tours in South Africa

Africa is a colourful and vibrant multi-cultural continent, and no where is this showcased better than in the exciting range of festivals that are held here. Events range in theme and focus on religion, traditions, natural phenomena, music and the arts.

Many of the African countries hold lively festivals centred on their own unique music, dance and arts. There is Panafest in Ghana, Bayimba International Festival in Uganda, Fez Sacred Music Festival in Morocco, and Sauti za Busara Music Festival in Zanzibar, to name but a few.

For something a bit different there is the International Camel Derby and Festival held in Kenya. The derby started in 1990 and now attracts not only visitors but entries from around the world in both amateur and professional camel races.


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Kenya also holds more traditional events such as the Mombasa Carnival with parades, spectacular floats, mesmerising costumes and foot-tapping music.

Africa is home to a number of film festivals too, one of which, the Festival of the Dhow Countries, is East Africa’s largest cultural event, and is held in Stone Town, Zanzibar. Other notable film festivals are held in Cairo in Egypt and Durban in South Africa.

In Egypt a remarkable feature of Abu Simbel, the iconic temple built by Ramses II, occurs twice a year during one day in both February and October when the first rays of the morning sun shine through the entrance of the temple and illuminate the innermost shrine.

In Ethiopia their two main festivals are religious events. Christmas is celebrated at the historical monolithic carved rock churches at Lalibela and Timkat, which celebrates the baptism of Christ, is held in Addis Ababa.

Togo is the birthplace of Voodoo and at Ouidah the largest annual Voodoo Festival is held. To observe the celebrations, rites and rituals made in tribute to the Voodoo gods is unlike anything you’re likely to have witnessed before.

In South Africa the delights of the natural world are celebrated at the Hermanus Whale Festival. A whole week of festivities with theatre, crafts, sports, music and fun for the whole family takes place annually in the picturesque coastal town.

Africa is well known for its diversity and atmospheric countries with their vibrant cultures and traditions, so why not sample one of the festivals where locals and visitors alike can celebrate this in style?

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