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Festival Tours in Mexico

Mexico has many national, religious and local celebrations. National public holidays include Independence Day (16th September), Day of the Revolution (20th November) and Benito Juarez, the first President of Mexico’s birthday (21st March). Independence Day and the Day of the Revolution are usually marked with noisy local celebrations.

Significant religious festivals include: Semana Santa (Holy Week) where some celebrations include enactments of the Easter story, Christmas with festivities including enactments of the Christmas story starting nine days before, and Epiphany (6th January) where the arrival of the Three Kings is celebrated with a traditional cake.


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Festivals associated with religion include Carnival, celebrated in many communities in the days leading up to Lent with colourful and noisy processions, and the Day of the Dead (1st - 2nd November). Although celebrated throughout the whole region, Mexico has become known for its Day of the Dead celebrations, when families remember their loved ones that have died by building shines, visiting cemeteries and celebrating with traditional flowers, food and music. Traditions vary in different regions, some including Oaxaca also have processions.

Local festivals and celebrations are numerous and diverse. They vary from celebrations of local saints to dance, film and arts and crafts festivals.

Mexicans love to celebrate so if you get the opportunity to join in at a local event, do - It will be a fun and rewarding cultural experience.

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