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Guest Specialist Tours in Italy

Italy as we know it today wasn’t established until 1861 when the Kingdom of Italy was formed. Yet the boot-shaped peninsula and ‘ball’ of island Sicily both have a rich historical legacy that provides a fascinating focus for an informative specialist led holiday.

The Romans (8th century BC  to 5th century AD) are the most influential culture to come of out Italy. Amongst the many wonderful and fascinating Roman sites you can visit are the spectacular Parthenon, Colosseum and Forum in Rome itself, and the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum in the Bay of Naples whose remains were perfectly preserved after burial by the ash erupting from Vesuvius in AD79.


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The Etruscans were an important civilisation in the area of modern-day  Tuscany and Umbria in the 6th to 1st century BC and the Ancient Greeks colonised much of Italy’s South. The site of the Greek city of Paestum on the Amalfi Coast and remarkable Valley of Temples in Sicily’s Agrigento both contain some of the best preserved Doric temples in Europe. Syracusa on the east coast of Sicily once rivalled Athens in the Greek world. 

Italy’s post-Roman history is equally fascinating. After the fall of Rome it fragmented into numerous city states whose power was at their peak during the Renaissance. Today cities such as Florence, Siena and Venice all have much to offer on any historically focused holiday.

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