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Solo Travel in Africa

As one of the largest and most diverse continents in the World, Africa is a dream destination for solo travellers who are searching for the adventure of a lifetime.

From snow-capped mountains to the searing Sahara desert; the Mediterranean climes of the North and the tropical coasts of the south, Africa’s bio-diversity, stunning landscapes, scenic cities and unique wildlife means that there's plenty to do and see for first-time travellers and those returning.

If you’re travelling alone, why not take the opportunity to tick a few must-sees off your bucket list?

Cities and Culture

Africa is a fantastic and eclectic destination waiting to be unlocked with mysterious desert planes, lively cities and an expansive, remarkable wilderness to discover; there’s a little something for everyone within each of Africa’s fascinating countries. On the most northern coast, just across from Europe you’ll find the Marrakech Express which will rush you from the winding alleys of Morocco’s greatest historic cities up into the Rif Mountains.

Our tailored trips to Africa allow you to create a itinerary which completely unique to you whether you opt for its beautiful cities or exotic natural wonders. City lovers may wish to busy themselves at the traditional souks of Marrakech to pick up locally produced traditional food and gifts, or soak up the energetic local culture and spiritual traditions of Togo with the Cradle Of Voodoo cultural discovery tour.

If a contemporary setting is more your thing, you can stroll beneath the city skyline of South Africa's coastal metropolitan Cape Town with our Cape Escape tour that allows you to search for whales and relax in the winelands. Those who wish to learn more about Ghana's intriguing culture can embark on the Kingdom Of The Ashanti tour which takes guests to the slave forts along the Gold Coast, track elephants in the Mole National Park and encounter the remote tribal lands of Bolgantanga.

Safari and Walking Trips

Africa’s most fascinating sites are beyond the cities and display the continents’ extraordinary natural landscapes and wildlife, allowing its truly fascinating culture and beauty to take centre stage. Heading deeper into the continent, you’ll find yourself immersed in breath-taking scenes at any of Africa’s stunning, preserved National Parks such as Senegal and Gambia's River Cruise which allows you to cruise the waterways of the Great Gambia River.

Our Toubkal Climb and High Atlas Trek organised group tours are a great opportunity for those wanting to get outdoors as they scale Africa's highest mountains so you can experience breath-taking views of the landscape whilst the Namib Lodge Safari allows you to gaze at the huge sand dunes within the eerie Namibian desert.

At Explore, you can select activities and tours which can be perfectly tailored to your interests for a truly bespoke experience. Adventure seekers can even venture out on Safari in Botswana and climb Kilimanjaro as part of our group Lemosho Trek in Tanzania for a shared once-in-a-lifetime experience that beats all the rest. If there's a particular location or sight you wish to see, our Tailormade specialists can create a bespoke itinerary for you, whether it's a nature trail trek on Kenyan Safari with a stay over at a traditional lodge or a chance to gaze in awe at the world-famous Victoria Falls on our Cape Town Adventure trip.


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Travelling Solo in Africa

Many travellers may have have reservations about heading out to Africa alone but our group tours ensure that your safety and enjoyment is priority. Ensure that your trip to Africa is a safe and enjoyable one, particularly in busier cities, by keeping an eye on personal belongings just as you would in any other location and avoid unfamiliar areas in the evenings in case you become lost.

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months after your return date. Specific visa requirements can be found in individual trip notes and we are happy to take your call should you have any further questions.

We also recommend checking your GP or a local health department to find out the latest health precautions as requirements for vaccinations can change on occasion; more information on vaccines and preventative medicines can be found in specific trip notes. It is always best to inform you doctor to ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment and have taken out suitable Travel Insurance before you depart

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