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Solo Travel in Australasia

Inspiring solo holiday destinations in Australasia with Explore

Australasia is located at the furthest corner of the globe but it's certainly an epic journey worth taking to witness its fantastic beauty. Made up from a collection of islands located south of Asia, the two largest and most famous by far are New Zealand and Australia; each bestowed with their own awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife.

Those searching to be blown away on a grand scale can look no further than the other-worldly islands of New Zealand. With its temperate climate that varies from North to South and lush green mountainous landscape, you’ll feel part of a storybook from the moment you step off the plane with our New Zealand Explorer tour. This pristine territory allows solo travellers to discover adventure in every corner with coastlines, beaches and bush-trails tailored for Walking In New Zealand, cycling and whatever else you can dream of.

New Zealand is truly breath-taking, thanks to its geothermal and volcanic terrains which present countless mud pools, geysers and hot springs to impress and amaze, whilst the tranquil bays and laid-back cities of Auckland and Wellington are perfect for some downtime to absorb the friendly local atmosphere. The influence of the indigenous Maori people is also prominent and gives lone tourists a chance to discover how truly special the culture and history of this remarkable location is.

Solo travellers in this region may also find that neighbouring Australia has a fascinating spiritual and cultural history with miles of mysterious uncharted outback, ancient monolithic sites, sensational beaches and tropical reefs making it the perfect stop-off between exploring Asia and New Zealand.


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Travelling to Australasia is quite a journey so it's important to make the most of the experience. There are countless sites scattered across the continent so carrying out a bit of research and deciding what activities you'd like to do beforehand can make all the difference in the time and cost of your trip.

Lone travellers can feel assured that getting around the main towns and sights in New Zealand is very efficient thanks to Explore. Our tours of New Zealand ensure that all transport is organised as part of your itinerary meaning that all you have to worry about is packing a camera. One comfort that most solo travellers will also find in Australasia is the friendliness of the locals. As a predominantly English speaking continent, locals in New Zealand and Australia are happy to chat and give directions or advice to tourists; all you have to do is ask!

Travelling at the right time also plays a big part of your holiday as in Australia and New Zealand's more southern regions', the weather can be quite cool. Due to Australasia sitting in the Southern Hemisphere, their seasons run in reverse to those in the Northern Hemisphere which means that the popular, hot summer period runs from December to February.

Whilst Australia and New Zealand holds similarities to the UK and North America, it's important to remember that the tropical climate and exotic wildlife can contribute to health issues that may affect your travel. It's unlikely that you will need any immunizations however, a consultation with your GP prior to your trip is strongly advised. The most likely issues for tourists tend to be sun exposure and insect bites so be sure to bring appropriate preventative measures such as plenty of sunblock and mosquito spray. Some beaches also warn against swimming in selected waters at certain times of year, so keep an eye out for signs giving out further information.

Australasia also has very strict rules against bringing foreign foods and plant life into the country as it can affect the regions' unique ecology. If travelling with any goods of this nature, you may find that these will be confiscated at customs. All travellers will also require a full Visa upon entry.

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