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Solo Travel in Europe

Solo travel holidays in Europe with Explore

Europe might be the worlds’ second smallest continent, but it certainly packs a punch when it comes to sights and activities. The mixture of cuisine, culture and history is enough to satisfy the wanderlust of any solo traveller. Made up of over 50 countries, Europe has an abundance of both fast-paced cosmopolitan cities and ancient capitals that still continue to impress and amaze.

Ideal for those travelling solo thanks to its easy and efficient cross-border travel system, Europe presents the perfect opportunity to explore several countries in one trip, as part of our organised group trips.

From the lush mountainous north where you’ll find the Nordic settlements of Scandinavia and Alpine villages of France, to the historic southern Mediterranean capitals of Rome and Athens, Europe’s rich and chequered history provides a vivid and dramatic backdrop for your trip.

Nature lovers will revel in the cool, glacial landscapes of Iceland and the snowy mountains of Andorra, whilst those who love adventure can marvel at crumbling ruins in Turkey, trek to near-forgotten temples in the Greek Islands, and explore the remnants of the former Roman Empire in Italy.

There’s plenty to do all year round in Europe. Whether you decide to embark on one of our sunshine-soaked coastal bike rides in Portugal and Spain, or opt for a seasonal trip to Germany and Eastern Europe for festive markets, Gothic castles and post-war relics, you’ll be inspired wherever you go on our European trips.

Solo Travelling in Europe

Europe is one of our most popular destinations with solo travelers thanks to its ease for travel and the warm, welcoming familiarity of our European neighbours.

Whilst every country has its own customs, languages and traditions, English is widely spoken and the Euro is accepted across the continent. Whilst crime is fairly low, single travelers should still take care of their belonging as they would in any other location and be wary at tourist spots for local pick-pockets.


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Exploring Europe on foot is a great option for solo travelers as there is so much to see by foot with plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the view. Whether you prefer a leisurely wander of the Coastal Trails in Portugal, a trek to the Andorran Pyrenees or an energetic, adventure packed journey to the Transylvanian Alps; Explore cater for all types of walkers, of all ages. There's plenty of opportunity to both traverse trails and unwind near the beach with trips to the ever-popular Amalfi Coast whilst thrill-seekers can be blown away by the natural wonders of our Icelandic Escapades tour.
Europe is the capital for stunning scenic cycle trips and Explore has plenty of options for solo travelers wishing to bike along the coasts, trails and mountains of this rich and lively continent. See some of the world's oldest renaissance buildings with a self-guided Cycling Trip to Pisa and Florence or soar through the vineyards and dappled oak forests of Croatia. This cycling haven is perfect for renting a bike and enjoying a diverse range of idyllic scenery and locations in one neatly packaged, adventure-fueled trip led by our experienced tour guides.
Culture enthusiasts will find themselves in a haven of educational cultural experiences with museums, gardens, theatres and art galleries to explore at every turn. The Historical Treasures of Turkey allows guests to visit historic and largely unseen locations off the beaten track whilst Highlights of Andalucia will take you to the beautiful cities of Seville, Granada and Cordoba. Those looking for a winter getaway can explore Moscow and St. Petersburg as part of a small group, travelling by the overnight sleeper train which is a truly unique experience.

On the other hand, lone travellers seeking relaxation can enjoy serene beaches and sleepy coastal towns with our Naxos and Santorini self-guided tour where you can while away and hour or two in any of the welcoming cafes and restaurants. Just be sure to sample the traditional delights and delicacies wherever you go; many natives will be happy to point you in the right direction of their regions’ most delicious local dishes to complement your visit.

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