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Solo Travel the Middle East

Solo travel holidays in the Middle East with Explore

The Middle East has been influenced by some of the world’s most fascinating ancient civilisations. For today's solo travellers, it serves as the perfect destination to catch a glimpse of the regions’ unique history, diverse cultures and enchanting landscapes.

Whilst the expansive deserts are open to exploration and adventure, the Middle East also boasts some of the most colourful and engaging cities between South West Asia and North Africa. Solo travellers can enjoy everything from guided tours around the busy streets of Jordan to treks towards the ancient Egyptian pyramids, as well as a chance to meet, talk and dine with locals.



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Delve into the mysterious and awe-inspiring ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ with our Classic Egypt and Nile trip, which will take you on a guided group tour to some of the most significant archaeological sites in history. Here, solo travellers looking to check off some of the boxes on their sight-seeing bucket-list will have a chance to view the Pyramids of Cairo and Great Sphynx of Giza in all of their glory, before embarking on a cruise down the iconic River Nile, which will take you from the temples of Edfu to the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temple in Luxor.

Adventure loving solo travellers will also revel in the spectacular historical landmarks and Treasures of Jordan, where you can travel the King’s Highway to the Crusader Castle of Kerak or discover the ‘lost city’ of Petra as well as the otherworldly sand dunes of Wadi Rum. The ancient city of Amman is also host to a number of religious sites as well as the Gold Market, and herbal souks where solo travellers can pick up unconventional gifts and keep-sakes from their trip.

If you prefer to travel by bike, you can Cycle Jordan to discover Jordan’s spiritual and Biblical heritage and float in the mysterious saline waters of the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on Earth and offers a great opportunity to capture some memorable moments on camera.

For solo travellers looking for a more unique sight-seeing experience that incorporates the natural beauty of the region, Prophets and Petra takes you to the cultural sites of Jordan, Israel and the Negev Desert, as well as the ancient cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Indiana Jones could barely rival the real-life experience of a camel trek to Wadi Rum or walking the royal tombs of Khazneh, whilst nature-loving solo travellers will be blown away by the coral reefs and coastline of the Red Sea.

Our Oman Adventure tour is also a fantastic option for outdoor lovers, as nature-seeking travellers can be transported from a camel safari trip in the dry wilderness of the desert to sparkling turquoise waters for dolphin watching on our short but adventure-packed tour.

On our best-selling Arabian Sands tour, solo explorers have the chance to traverse the diverse landscapes of Oman, varying from the Green Mountains to the Wahiba sands. Here you can truly engage with nature on spectacular beaches, beautiful oases, soaring sand dunes and gaping canyons, followed by nights sleeping under the stars.

Iran is also a magical destination for solo travellers who can uncover the wonders of ancient Persia with our Treasures Of Iran tour. Arranged as a collection of small, intimate group tours, travellers can marvel at Iran’s most iconic cities of Isfahan, Tehran and Persepolis, the ancient mountainside village of Abyaneh and delve into the rock tombs of the Achaemenid dynasty.

There is so much to see and do in the Middle East and with Explore, you can experience as much of it as you wish, thanks to the diverse range of tours on offer for solo travellers, groups, couples and families.

Travelling solo in the Middle East is has never been an easier or more enjoyable experience as Explore take care of all the challenging aspects, such as travel, accommodation and even some of your meals, so that you can sit back and take in the amazing Middle East experience.

Our group tours to the Middle East lend the expertise of our Explore tour guides for an immersive and enjoyable trip that educates travellers on everything from the beautiful historical architecture of the main cities of Middle East, to the diverse religious festivals of the region.

From the friendly and welcoming faces of Iran, to the traditional villages of Oman, your encounters will teach you local customs and practices that will help you get to know each country and its locals in depth as well as the fascinating spiritual culture that this region has to offer.

Travellers should always carry out travel insurance whilst going abroad and seek advice from a trusted GP for medication or vaccines that might be required for travel in this region.

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