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Inspiring Landscapes

Our tours are packed with action and adventure, travelling through a country to experience its culture and to meet the local people. But they’re also about experiencing the awesome beauty of the natural world, the most inspiring landscapes on every continent.

You could join one of our Inspiring Landscapes tours to see for yourself the soaring peaks of the Himalaya, experience the vast emptiness of the Sahara, walk in the immense Amazon Rainforest or witness the spectacular, wind- and water-eroded landscapes of the western United States. Closer to home you could wonder at the soft contours of Tuscany’s rolling hills or the dramatic, lava-strewn volcanoes of Iceland.

When you discover these landscapes with Explore you won’t just be having a look, taking a photo and moving on. You’ll appreciate them all the more by staying longer and interacting with nature, usually on foot: getting in amongst the mountains, the trees and the sand-dunes – and really soaking up the atmosphere of the place.

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