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Multi Activity Holidays in Asia

The sheer variety in the geography of Asia makes it ideal for those craving a little more activity on their holiday. From the vast peaks of the Himalaya to the tropical beaches of Thailand there is plenty to explore along the way. Choosing a multi-active adventure ensures you will get the most out of the region, exploring the cultural highlights as well as satisfying the thirst for adrenaline.

If water is your thing consider whitewater rafting on the Trisuli River in Nepal, swimming through dramatic caves in Halong Bay or gentle canoeing through the backwaters in Kerala. Taking to two wheels and cycling around the ancient city of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka, or through the impressive temple complex of Angkor offers the perfect chance to stop and talk to people as you explore as well as the chance to cover a greater distance.


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Alternatively stretch your legs and take a short trek through the Annapurna foothills, trek through remote hilltribe villages in Burma or ascend Sri Lanka’s Adams peak in time to enjoy sunrise at the summit.

A multi-activity adventure will give you a chance to try out new pursuits or build in your favourite pastimes in to your holiday as well as exploring this fascinating continent. 

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