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Multi Activity Holidays in Europe

Europe’s incredibly diverse landscapes and climate combine to provide the perfect playground for activity seekers of all kinds and all ages.

Mountains are a major magnet for adrenalin junkies and Europe has plenty of them! From the high ranges of the Alps and Pyrenees to the lower slopes of Italy’s Apennines and Southern Spain’s Sierra Morena, you can enjoy a number of activities here. Trekking Europe’s multitude of mountain trails is an obvious choice, although for something a little different, why not travel in winter and try out snow-shoeing? It’s easy to pick up and great fun. The swirling snow-melt fed waters of many mountain rivers are ideal for whitewater rafting enthusiasts. Rapids are graded from 1 to 6 and there’s usually something for everyone from total beginners for those looking for a real thrill/scare!


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Popular summertime mountain meccas for multi-active types are often ski resorts in the winter; Chamonix in the French Alps and Sort in the Spanish Pyrenees are just two of many popular locations in Europe. Here as elsewhere, specialist activity operators have set up shop and provide all necessary equipment and expert tuition so you certainly don’t need to be an expert to enjoy taking part.

A relatively recent phenomenon on the outdoor activity scene is the “Adventure Park” where lesser-known adventurous activities can be experienced. Canyoning involves a number of techniques such as climbing abseiling, scrambling across rocks and floating down rivers – it provides one adrenalin buzz after the other! Aerial activity courses, consisting of interconnecting zip-wires, rope bridges, nets and platforms are another fun option for both children and adults alike.

Europe’s lengthy and often beautiful coastline provides the setting for all sorts of water- based activities. Sea-kayaking is a great way to explore and the usually calm and mild waters of the Mediterranean are the ideal place to set out on your first paddling adventure. Off Turkey’s Lycian coastline you can even search in the crystal clear waters below for ancient artefacts as you glide along. Snorkelling is an easy way to access the delights of Europe’s underwater world and all you need is a snorkel and mask.

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