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Multi Activity Holidays in Croatia

Croatia is a fantastic place to enjoy exciting activities set against a stunning backdrop. The country boasts lots of lakes, rivers and mountains as well as a long coastline making it the ideal location for multi-activity holidays. Included among the many activities that are available in Croatia are whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, canyoning and cycling.

One of the best locations in Croatia for activities is the Cetina River, where it is possible to go whitewater rafting and canyoning.


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The whitewater rapids are classed as grade 2-3, which makes them easy to medium in terms of difficulty, allowing you to take in the scenery of the Cetina Gorge as you flow past, yet enjoying the adrenalin rush of this exciting activity. Canyoning is an exciting experience which involves a guided walk, scrambling and clambering over rocks, past plunging waterfalls and pools, and paddling down a river gorge.

Croatia has 327 miles of coastline on the Adriatic Sea, making it an ideal place to try out water sports. Sea kayaking is a popular activity in Croatia and it is also possible to try wind surfing, sailing or snorkelling.

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