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Multi Activity Holidays in Italy

With its many mountains and lakes, beautiful and lengthy coastline and sunny Mediterranean climate, Italy makes the perfect destination for an adrenalin charging multi-activity break for all ages.

The Alps dominate the country’s north and provide the perfect playground for both summer trekkers, bikers and climbers and winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. The Apennines are a 1200km mountain chain heading north/south along Italy’s spine.


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Country Information

Sicily is a compact island and combines many landscapes in a small area including the lava strewn slopes of Mount Etna (3300m), Europe’s largest active volcano. The island is also home to the Madonie Adventure Park. Located in a national park and area of outstanding natural beauty it’s a great place to mountain bike. There’s a purpose built aerial assault course and an activity called Powerfanning, which involves free-falling from a high platform attached to a safety harness!

Italy is also famous for its enchanting historic cities. If you choose a destination such as Tuscany for your multi-activity holiday, you should also be able to combine your active adventures with visits to icons such as Pisa’s leaning tower or the piazzas of Florence.

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