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Multi Activity Grades

Our Multi Activity holidays have been graded from Easy through Moderate and Challenging to Tough to help you choose the right trip. You will find more detailed information about each tour and all the activities on individual web pages and on the Tour Notes. We have planned nearly all activities for beginners, so you don’t need previous experience. Most activities are included but some aren’t, leaving you free to decide how many extra challenges to try! Equipment, training and expert supervision is always provided.


Gentle activities such as snorkelling, short walks and easy bike rides. Suitable for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and active on holiday but likes to return home feeling relaxed and refreshed with minimal fitness required.


You can expect an exciting mix of activities, such as rafting, canoeing, sea-kayaking, cycling, canyoning or hiking. No previous experience is needed, but you should be reasonably active, confident and - most importantly – up-for-it!


Challenge yourself mentally and physically with a range of activities to get your pulse racing. These tours are suitable for anyone who’s reasonably fit, confident and up for a challenge. Previous experience isn’t necessary, but it may help!


Push yourself to experience the thrill of more demanding activities. Get your adrenaline-pumping and come home with a whole range of new experiences under your belt! You should be fit and confident to enjoy these trips.


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