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Antarctic Extensions

We can offer you a selection of Latin American extensions at the start or end of your Polar voyage. Argentina and Chile have thundering waterfalls, unique ancient cultures and diverse landscapes, providing the perfect addition to your Antarctic expedition.

Call 0844 875 5189 to speak to our Polar Team about an extension.

Buenos Aires

Since its founding in 1536, Argentina’s capital has thrived on European trade. An eclectic mix of Spanish, French and Italian architectures rub shoulders with remnants of Victorian grandeur; its wide avenues earning it the title of ‘the Paris of the South’. Yet behind this elegant façade each barrio (neighbourhood) brims full of tango rhythms, exotic cuisine and bustling markets. Sit and soak up the atmosphere or join in and tango to your heart’s content!

Iguacu Falls

Cascading down a three kilometre expanse of the Iguacú River, the Iguacú Falls on the Argentinian-Brazilian border are undoubtedly one of the most dramatic displays in the world. Emerging from thick jungle onto panoramic walkways, the sheer height and noise of the thundering water will take your breath away. ‘La Garganta del Diablo’, or Devil’s Throat, provides an incredible vantage point to watch several falls steaming together down a narrow chasm.

Easter Island

Isolated in the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island’s giant stone monoliths have been the subject of conjecture and speculation for centuries. Also known as Rapa Nui and the Isla de Pascua, Easter Island was discovered by the Dutch on Easter Sunday 1722. Today it is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites on the planet and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island is renowned for the magnificent stone heads, or Moai; mysterious monoliths that once numbered 800 in total, looking out across the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Valdes Peninsula

A thin strip of land stretching out into the South Atlantic, the Valdés Peninsula is a protected heritage site and Argentina’s premier nature reserve. The beautiful coastline abounds in marine life with a riot of sea lions, elephant seals and magellanic penguins frolicking on the sands. Whalewatching is at its best here at the end of the year when up to 400 can be seen just off the coast.


In the foothills of the Andes, Mendoza is at the heartland of Argentina's wine-growing industry. The proximity of the mountains and altitude of 750 metres helps create an arid and generally sunny climate that is conducive to growing the best grapes. Enjoy fine food in Mendoza itself, tour the region’s many wineries (bodegas) or stay beneath snowcapped peaks at one of the traditional estancias.


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