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Camping in Antarctica

For a true Antarctic experience, do as all the famous explorers did and camp out on the ice. Unlike them, your camping adventure will be for one night only. Experience the sounds of creaking ice, the fresh scent of the sea and the full glory of the night sky untainted by any light pollution – time of year and weather permitting! Once the camp is set up, you are free to wander in the local area with ample opportunities for photography, writing or quiet contemplation.

Camping is offered as on optional activity on most voyages to Antarctica aboard the Expedition (subject to availability). If you would like to spend a night on the ice, the cost will be £279 per person and you must book as soon as possible - please contact our Polar team to reserve your place.


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All equipment is provided including a two-person tent, insulating mat, minus 20°C sleeping bag and portable toilet facilities. In accordance with IAATO regulations, no food may be taken ashore except emergency rations. You will be given a full meal on board the ship prior to your camping excursion. You will be off-ship for approximately 10-12 hours.

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