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Rail Journeys in Morocco

Travelling by rail in Morocco is an excellent way to get around the country and enjoy the passing scenery, as well as offering you the chance to meet the local people and experience local life.

Morocco has an extensive rail network that connects the country’s main hubs of Marrakech, Fes, Tangiers and Casablanca. The rail network is an efficient way for Moroccans to travel between cities, but also offer visitors a great opportunity to see the ever-changing landscapes, experience the sights and sounds of everyday life and meet the local people along the way.

Many visitors also choose to combine a rail holiday in Morocco with Spain, which is easily accessible by ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar to Andalucia, where you can continue your exploration by rail.

Few African countries are as well connected by rail services as Morocco and its good train services are an excellent way of getting to know this fascinating country and its people.


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