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Tailormade Botswana

Botswana is the perfect African destination for a tailor-made safari holiday. Parks and lodges are remote and secluded as nearly a fifth of Botswana's landscape is devoted to the protection of its indigenous wildlife. On a holiday to Botswana flying between camps is often the best way to travel between lodges. Brimming with life and colour, it boasts some of Earth's most unforgiving habitats as well as its most luscious wetlands.

On an Explore Tailormade adventure holiday to Botswana you can go in search of big game on a four-wheel drive in Chobe National Park or explore the Okavango Delta to see flocks of birds on a boat safari. You can enjoy a relaxing cruise down the river in Moremi Game Reserve and visit the Kalahari Desert; home to the San Bushmen and all that their culture has to offer. Visit Makgadikgadi National Park to see one of Africa’s biggest land mammal migrations, where thousands of Burchill’s zebra and wildebeest congregate at the Boteti River. Visit a meerkat colony in Makgadikgadi Salt Pans or see the huge, ancient Baines' baobabs in Nxai Pan National Park.

Botswana is exciting, remote and offers a great mix of activities from nature walks and mokoro rides, to mobile camping and dining alfresco. Botswana has some incredible places to stay, with remote mobile camping and luxury lodges. Why not try a skybed? A private, raised hide where you'll sleep under the stars while listening to wildlife and birdlife all around you.

Book an Explore Tailormade holiday to Botswana and we will create a bespoke itinerary for you, based around what you want to see and do.

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Country Information

The Kalahari

The Central Kalahari National Park in Botswana dominates the country and is one of the largest game reserves in the world. The Kalahari Bushmen know the desert like the back of their hand, and you can go on a nature walk with them to learn about their customs, as well as how they track game and make use of the flora.

Moremi Game Reserve

Located on the edge of the Okavango Delta, Moremi has a good population of predators, including wild dog, lion, buffalo and leopard. If you travel to Botswana after the rains, around May and June, you may be able to combine water-based activities with games drives, giving you the opportunity to experience both types of safari available.

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is simply vast; 15000 square kilometres of reed-lined lagoons, narrow channels and palm fringed islands, home to nearly 400 species of bird. It is best explored by motor boat, mokoro canoe or on foot. Combine the Okavango Delta with Moremi Game Reserve for a fantastic mix of wetlands and game safaris.

Chobe National Park

Probably the most well-known national park in Botswana, Chobe National Park is host to enormous herds of elephant and a must see on most itineraries. Venture to one of the smaller, exclusive concessions, or privately run reserves, for the opportunity to head out foot – exploring vehicle-free really brings the bush to life!

Northern Tuli Game Reserve
Northern Tuli Game Reserve is a rugged and rocky area dotted with small hills, baobabs, petrified trees and historical sites with San bushman rock art and evidence of Iron-age settlements. In the winter the landscape can appear stark and barren but in summer the flowers come out and the scenery is beautiful. Tuli is perfect for anyone with a special interest in drawing or photography, underground hides offer unique opportunities to get up close to the wildlife; go mountain biking along elephant trails, off-road on a game drive or go on a walking safari. Tuli has it all.



Meet Sarah Phelps, Regional Specialist for Botswana

"Botswana for me is the ultimate safari experience. The lodges and camps are small and remote, offering an intimate safari experience, with vast open ranges, unrestricted wildlife movements and fewer crowds. In the Okavango Delta I took a mokoro gliding through the waterways exploring the flora and fauna. I was lucky enough to see a rare sitatunga, the most elusive antelope to spot on a Botswana safari. The Moremi area is one of the last refuges for beautiful wild dogs and where I saw my first sighting of these wonderful animals. We followed a pack for over an hour, we even got to see them hunting, it was really very special. Chobe National Park is famed for its large herds of elephants where I watched a family swimming across the river, all helping to keep the calves afloat and protected - memories that will stay with me forever."

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