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The Explore Tailormade team is here to help you design your perfect holiday, by drawing on their vast and varied travel experiences.

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Sarah Slocomb, Tailormade Sales Manager and Regional Specialist for Latin America

“I have worked in the travel industry for over 10 years; starting off with an apprenticeship in a travel agency, which earned me an NVQ qualification in Travel Services. Since joining Explore I’ve enjoyed every second. I started off working in the groups department before moving over to the Tailormade team, and I have had the opportunity to travel to some fantastic places across several continents; my adventures in the Middle East and Asia being some of my favourites. A few of my most memorable experiences would be sleeping under the stars in the White Desert in Egypt with just me and a sleeping bag, exploring the old city of Ghadames in Libya; now an UNESCO world heritage site, floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and last but no means least,  snorkelling in the Maldives! My last visit to South America took me to Peru, and my whole experience of this beautiful country just blew me away and exceeded all expectations. From friendly locals to amazing food, stunning mountain backdrops to impressive archaeological sites and jungle to unspoilt beaches, Peru is a gemstone in South America"


Sarah Phelps, Regional Specialist for Africa and the Middle East

"Perhaps the most unique country I have visited is Ethiopia – it surpassed all my expectations. The influence of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church transports you back to the world of the Old Testament and the culture and traditions date back over 3000 years. Throw in the stunning Simien Mountains , the ‘Camelot Castles’ of Gondar and the endearing local people and you have a truly fantastic holiday. My advice is to get there soon before it catches up with the rest of the world! I’ve yet to explore Uganda and the magnificent Mountain Gorillas.  This would be next on my list"

Sophie Newbold, Regional Specialist for Asia

"I’ve always had a strong passion for travel. As soon as I graduated from university I hopped on a plane to Austria and spent four years working my way through Europe, on to Australia, New Zealand and ending in Canada. I have had the opportunity to travel to many new destinations since working in the travel industry, yet I have been drawn back to Asia time and time again, mainly for the food, but also for the diverse cultures and stunning landscapes.
My most memorable experience to date has to be the train rides in India and it is a mode of transport that everyone visiting India must take! The country is one of the most fascinating and varied places I have ever been to and the best way to get under its skin is to immerse yourself in the culture, meeting the people and sampling the local cuisine."

Andrew Gibb, Tailormade Product Executive

“I have been working in the travel industry since I graduated from University in 2012, where I studied a degree in Tourism Management. Ever since, I have been lucky to visit at least one country in every single continent on the globe. My recent backpacking trip covered 14 countries alone across Latin America, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. All of these featuring completely unique cultures, foods, experiences, lanscapes and people.”


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