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Centre-Based Holidays

Our centre based adventures are ideal if you want to control the pace of your holiday and explore one region in more depth. On these trips we carefully research a region and find a hotel, guesthouse or other accommodation to use as a base for the duration of the holiday. We then organise walks and other activities from the base, allowing you to discover all the region has to offer while returning to your comfortable accommodation at the end of each day. 

Our centre based holidays are all in Europe and they focus on regions famous the world over for their natural beauty: the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Andalucia, the Alps and the Pyrenees amongst many others. The accommodation base itself is often a highlight, chosen for its character and located close to the activities and experiences the region may offer.

In Italy we stay at a traditional villa and working farmhouse hotels (agriturismos), in Spain we base ourselves at small, family run hotels and also a converted convent, while in Croatia we’ve found a lovely pension in a small, rural hamlet close to the Cetina Gorge. In the French, Austrian and Italian Alps we base ourselves at small, family-run chalet style hotels.

One advantage of a centre based holiday is that you can be totally flexible: although activities are included on most days you can opt in or opt out as you please. If you fancy exploring the area independently for a day, or just relaxing at the hotel and doing your own thing, the format of a centre based holiday makes this very easy to arrange.

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