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Experiences Walking and Trekking Walking in Africa

Walking in Africa

With its magnificent mountains, vast expanses of desert, tropical forest and large volumes of wildlife, Africa is the greatest wilderness on the planet and offers a raw sense of adventure for walkers and trekkers.

If you are looking to conquer some of the world’s most sought after peaks, you are spoilt for choice: Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, Meru and Toubkal are all tempting challenges for peak baggers.

Undoubtedly the most famous mountain on the continent, Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano and the highest free-standing mountain on the planet with the impressive Uhuru Peak (5895m), whose iconic shape can be observed from a distance and from which the curvature of the earth can be appreciated. Trekking through tropical forest, moorland and alpine forest, the scenery is as gratifying as it is to reach the summit, regarded by many as one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences in their lifetime!


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Walking in Africa

Considered one of the most scenic and beautiful mountains in Africa, Mount Kenya (5199m) is the continent’s second highest mountain and offers an even greater variety of ecosystems including savannah, moorland, bamboo forest, montane forest and glaciers. 75% of its Afro Alpine vegetation is considered endemic including the bizarre giant lobelias. Wildlife sightings are also common as the mountain is inhabited by elephant, buffalo, zebra, monkeys, hornbill, sunbirds and parrots, just to name a few.

Mount Toubkal (4167m) is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, a majestic mountain range which dramatically dissects Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, separating the coastline from the immense Sahara desert. Although the Toubkal ascent is not for the faint hearted, especially in winter when the mountain is covered with snow and crampons and ice-axe are essential, there are a number of simpler scenic treks and hikes that can be undertaken in the Atlas Mountains and don’t require technical experience. These are often combined with homestays in local villages where the famous Berber hospitality can be experienced as well as their way of life in the remote mountains.

With peaks rising up to 4550m, the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia indisputably offer some of the most scenic treks in the world, their rugged peaks and plateaux being home to rare species of flora and fauna, such as the endangered gelada baboon.

If conquering a peak can be an extremely rewarding experience, walking through some of the unique African eco-systems to track wildlife can be just as exciting. The thrill of meeting the gorillas in their natural environment is rightly considered one of the ultimate wildlife experiences. Whilst trekking through the rainforest, the sounds and smells of the jungle build the anticipation for one of the most incredible wildlife encounters of all.

In Madagascar, isolation has produced some of the most interesting habitats found on the planet: trekking through dense virgin forest, several species of lemurs can easily be observed as well as colourful chameleons, frogs and reptiles.

For those who prefer a classic safari but want to be active, a walking safari in Zambia or Tanzania with an expert guide is a fantastic way to follow the footpaths of Africa’s big mammals and to observe them from close up!

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