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Walking in Tibet

The remote, arid, wind-swept Tibetan plateau lies north of the Himalayan range, beyond the reach of India’s monsoon rains, which fall on the southern slopes of the mountains. This is the highest region on earth, with an average altitude of nearly 5000 metres. Tibet was almost completely isolated from the outside world until the 20th century, and then after the Chinese invasion in 1951 the borders were closed until 1984, when Lhasa was finally re-opened to travellers.

Country Information

Any trek in Tibet will offer unparalleled insights into its rich but threatened culture and a chance to meet the hospitable Tibetan people. Arriving in remote villages on foot rather than by bus makes the world of difference: you can expect the warmest of welcomes. Along the way you will see and visit the monasteries and palaces which link this country with its glorious past. The trekking here takes you through landscapes unlike anything else on earth: with the vast plateau stretching to the north and soaring snow-capped Himalayan peaks to the south.

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