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Walking in Greece

Greece is a land of diverse landscapes, including many islands. Almost 80% of Greece is covered with hills and mountains, which combined with the beautiful coastlines, means Greece has much to offer hikers. Greece is also rich with ancient history and mythology, and walking along historic trails is a great way to learn more about this fascinating country.

Greece’s most famous and highest mountain is Mount Olympos (2917m), mythical home of the Greek Gods. To the west of this and continuing down through the central Peloponnese  is the Pindos mountain range, which contains Greece’s second highest peak, Mount Smolikas (2637m), and Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world. All these regions have well established hiking trails. To the east, the beautiful Pelion Peninsula also has many paths and is popular with walkers.


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Some of Greece’s many islands are also known for hiking. Corfu established the Corfu Trail, a long distance walk in 2001, while Crete has many marked paths including along the famous Samaria Gorge. Some of the Cyclades Islands, particularly Naxos, are also becoming popular for walking.

Greece is a great choice for a walking holiday if you like getting off the beaten track, and experiencing nature and local life. Much of the countryside is unspoilt and the paths often pass through rural villages. Spring time is a particularly lovely time to be there, when the spring flowers are blooming. Stopping for tasty local dishes at tavernas and learning about ancient Greek history and mythology en route are additional bonuses.

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