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Walking in Switzerland

The Alps make up about 60 per cent of Switzerland’s land area and are the destination all visiting walkers and trekkers head for. Around 100 of its peaks are close to or over 4000 metres with perhaps the imposing pyramid of the Matterhorn (4478 m) being the best known.

In Switzerland, everything you ever imagined the Alps to be comes to life and it doesn’t disappoint! Awesome vistas of towering peaks carved by snow and ice, the tinkling of cowbells in lush flower strewn meadows, wooden chalets with carved balconies and window-boxes full of flowers, comfortable accommodation and delicious local cuisine.


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Country Information

Trekking holidays in Switzerland make the most of a superb network of way marked trails and a reliable local transport system. In addition the cable cars and chairlifts installed to service skiers can also be used by trekkers to reach the high ridges. There are many trails to be enjoyed, from easy strolls to the most challenging trekking.

Nestled in the shadow of the Matterhorn, the charming resort of Zermatt makes a great base for forays into the surrounding mountains for those preferring to return to the same bed each night.Many Alpine walking holidays cross borders. The famous Tour du Mont Blanc circuit passes through France and Italy as well as Switzerland, with most hikers spending nights in Champex and La Fouly.

Whether you chose to hike point to point or stay in one place, trekking in Switzerland really makes for a truly fulfilling and memorable holiday.

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