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Experiences Walking and Trekking Walking in the Middle East

Walking in the Middle East

Spectacular desert landscapes, camel caravans and Bedouin camping all come to mind when embarking on a walking holiday in the Middle East.

Jordan has some of the most iconic walking and historic sites in the region. Petra, an ancient Nabatean city which dates back to 312 BC and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, can only be explored on foot. In Wadi Rum you can trek among the vast colourful desert landscapes, natural rock bridges and incredible weather-eroded rock sculptures. The desert is like another world, inhabited by the nomadic Bedouin people for generations. Another option is to follow the old Spice Trails from Petra to the Mediterranean.

Egypt and Oman are also great options for walking in the Middle East. In Egypt you can explore the Sinai interior and trek to the summit of Mount Sinai to watch a spectacular sunrise or sunset. This is also where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments. 

You can also visit Saint Catherine’s monastery, that lies at the foot of this biblical mountain and is home to the fabled Burning Bush. In Oman you can hike deep into its remote interior, trekking across desert landscapes and through remote communities that have remained unchanged for generations. Camping on plateaux overlooking ancient ocean beds and captivating villages, you can enjoy the rare tranquillity of a region for so long cut off from the outside world. 


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