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Walking in Canada

Canada is one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Away from the cities, there are immense stretches of wilderness made up of lakes, mountains and vast swathes of pine forest. The most beautiful landscapes are protected in some of the most stunning national parks (British Colombia alone has seven!) criss-crossed with an extensive network of hiking trails.

In the summer months, one of the most popular places to go trekking is in the Rocky Mountains, a chain which stretches from Alberta to British Colombia. This wild and pristine area is made up of snow-capped peaks, sweeping valleys, crystal-clear lakes and dense forests which are home to an array of wildlife including brown bear, grizzly bear, beaver, moose, racoon and bald eagle.

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Walking in Canada
Some of the finest trekking areas are in the Kootenay National Park where it’s possible to trek to the top of the Kindersley-Sinclair col via the Kindersley Pass Trail or the Sinclair Creek Trail. The effort of trekking here is rewarded with sweeping views across the valleys and to the mountains beyond.
Glacier National Park also offers trekkers rich rewards. Protecting a portion of the rugged Columbia Mountains, there are challenging trails through pristine and remote areas to enjoy. As its name suggests, there are many glaciers perched in the mountains which add to the scenic beauty. In the summer, melt water swells remote mountain lakes which on still, sunny days, act as mirrors, perfectly reflecting the mountains around them.

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