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Easy grade walking tours

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Easy grade walking tours

An easy grade walking tour features trails for first-time hikers as well as those looking for a more relaxed trip. Paths will predominantly be over good, easy terrain at low altitudes, with any ascents and descents being gentle in nature. Easy grade walking tours feature plenty of non-walking time to rest and recharge, however, this is still an active trip - you can expect to be walking for around 3-5 hours each day, with plenty of rest stops along the way to soak up your surroundings.

If you’re looking for more downtime on your trip, an easy grade walking tour is a great option. On centre-based walking trips, you’ll stay at the same accommodation each night and set off on a different route each day. You can also choose how many or how few of the walks you’d like to do, making them an ideal first-time walking trip.

If you’re new to trekking, an easy grade walking tour is perfect for you. You won’t be tackling any difficult terrain or hills, with most footpaths being clearly marked and maintained. Due to the gentle nature of the routes, hiking poles are not required unless you wish to bring them, making them ideal for beginner walkers.

Popular easy grade walking tours

Portugal Walking and Trekking Trip code WIA
8 Days From £829 without flights
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Walking and Trekking Trip code ELL
8 Days From £960 without flights
Portugal, Spain Walking and Trekking Trip code MWW
12 Days From £1715 without flights
New Zealand Walking and Trekking Trip code WZN
19 Days From £4490 without flights
Italy Walking and Trekking Trip code TOP
8 Days From £1275 without flights
Morocco Walking and Trekking Trip code MAA
8 Days From £600 without flights


What can I expect?

Think walking along sandy beaches and well-maintained, clearly defined footpaths. For example, an easy grade walking tour can include walking the woodland trails of a national park, or exploring a village on foot. 


What is an easy to moderate grade walking tour?

An easy to moderate grade walking tour is an encouraging step up from an easy grade walking trip, as these tours include a mix of both easy and moderate walks. It’s ideal for those who would like some slightly tougher walks within their itinerary - for example, some moderate grade walking days may be longer or will include a demanding ascent or descent, or rougher terrain. 


How can I find out if an easy grade walking tour is right for me?

Every walking trip includes information on the trekking that you can expect. Within the itinerary you can find a detailed summary of each day of the trip, including some information on the walk - for example, this could be how many kilometres the route is, how long you can expect to be walking for, and the total ascent and descent you’ll be making.  

Within the trip information, you can also find a general overview of the walking and trekking, with a chart of the daily distances in kilometres and approximate duration of the walks. This chart also highlights the optional walks.

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