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Wildlife Trips in India

India’s wildlife is as diverse as the country itself, with plenty to entice any wildlife enthusiast. 

The country’s most famous resident is without doubt the Bengal tiger. This majestic big cat has struggled to survive against the ravages of illegal poaching, but with the help of several conservation projects the remaining population finally have some secure habitat and protection. Ranthambore, Khana and Bandhavgarh tiger reserves are the most popular destinations for safaris and offer a good chance of spotting a tiger. Explore are a proud member of TOFT, Travel Operators for Tigers, working to protect India's tigers and ensure these creatures survive for generations to come.

It’s not all about tigers though. Gujarat is home to the rare Asiatic lion and visitors to Kaziranga National Park in the north east of the country have a good chance of spotting the one-horned rhino, as the park is home to 75% of the world population of these odd looking mammals. 


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Whilst the majority of the nature reserves are in the north of the country that doesn’t mean the south has no appeal for wildlife lovers. The Cardamon Hills are home to Thekkady and Periyar National Parks, both of which are excellent for birdlife with over 320 species being found in Periyar. Butterflies are also prevalent with 160 species being recorded. Whilst taking a guided walk through the sanctuaries you can expect to see lion tailed and bonnet macaques, common langur as well as barking, sambar and mouse deer. Directly north of Delhi is the Corbett National Park, India’s first national park. With more than 550 species of bird you will find it hard to be disappointed even if you don’t spot one of the resident tigers. The writings of Jim Corbett come to life as you explore the park, hopefully avoiding the man-eating tigers he famously tried to track. 

It is worth building some time into your trip to appreciate the variety of wildlife India has to offer, and enjoy the slower pace of life once you move away from the bustling cities. 

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