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Wildlife Trips in Norway

Norway conjures up an image of ancient landscapes, rugged fjords, fascinating folklore, wildflower filled meadows and enduring wildlife. Norway has a variety of animal and bird life to enjoy from whales swimming off the coast to sea eagles soaring far above and enormous musk ox’s to polar bears roaming in the icy north.

Spitsbergen is an island found in the Svalbard archipelago off the northern tip of Norway. Here you’ll find walruses, seals, artic foxes, reindeer, seabirds, and of course the majestic polar bear. Polar bears are an iconic symbol of this artic wilderness and this is the best place in Europe to spot these beautiful yet deadly bears.


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Back on the mainland in Sto is one of Norway’s largest puffin and seal colonies. Off the coast here you can also enjoy whale watching cruises to spot sperm, pilot, humpback, minke and orca whales. Seeing whales in the wild is a real treat and you will be awe-struck by these huge yet graceful animals as they appear on the surface of the water before diving back down into the deep.

Varanger Fjord is one of Europe’s premier bird watching areas where you can see a large number of sea ducks and colonies of Brunnich’s guillemots that nest here, as well as red-throated pipits, Siberian jays, three-toed woodpeckers and northern hawks.

Dovrefjell National Park is the only place in Norway and one of the few locations worldwide that you can witness the musk oxen. Weighing in at half a ton these huge creatures are built to survive the harshest of winters, but they move quicker than you’d expect with a top speed of 60 kilometres per hour. In the park you’re also likely to see reindeer and grouse, and if you’re fortunate maybe even the snowy owl.

Norway is a beautiful yet rugged country where only the toughest flora and fauna survives, but it should be on every wildlife enthusiasts list of places to go. With the chance of spotting puffins, whales and polar bears how can you resist?

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