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Botswana Lodge Safari OZ

Tour Duration 12 Days
Reviews for Botswana Lodge Safari 4.5 out of 5 based on 6 ratings.

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Tour notes

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We have the following different versions of the Botswana Lodge Safari tour available at present.

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5 David and Jane Norman, 29/10/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

Highlights were the sitting in the wonderful covered veranda at Hyena Pan watching elephants. so close by at the water hole. Please, Explore, make sure Hyena Pan becomes a permanent lodge for this holiday. Each day's game drive was different - we never wanted any of them to end - thanks Olly The boat Cruise on the Chobe will stick in our memory forever - watching elephants swim across the Chobe river to play in the mud at sunset. Finally - a fantastic group. All 11 of us got on so well - a real please to spend time with in such a wonderful country. Thank you

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4.5 Clare, 26/11/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Sitting in a boat on the river, watching elephants at sunset and capturing wonderful silhouette pictures as the sky turned pink.

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5 , 04/10/13



What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

We saw a huge male lion asleep beside the track. He raised he head to look at us and promptly went back to sleep. We had a super boat trip on the Chobe River, watching huge numbers of elephants as the sun went down. The Royal Tree Lodge in Maun was the most amazing accommodation. It could hardly be called camping.

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Olly was great. He knew all about the wildlife and was very keen that we could see as much as possible. He is a credit to Explore.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

The worst part of the holiday was going through Jo'burg airport. You have to go through immigration, (this took over an hour), collect your luggage and the run to the Botswana Airline check in desk. You then go through passport control and security. We did make the flight as it was delayed but the whole experience was a very stressful start to the holiday.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

The Houseboat was described as basic and not up to the standard of the rest of the holiday. The staff were great but we felt that it really was too basic. Mogothio Safari Lodge was my favourite place to stay. There were not many other people around and it was run by friendly staff from the locality.

Our Response

Thank you for your feedback. It’s good to know you found plenty to enjoy. We’re sorry though about the stressful flight connection: we always allow extra time over airlines’ minimum connecting times at every airport in case of delays, but there’s a balance to be found between ensuring sufficient time and customers not having to wait for a couple of hours or more between flights, watching other people depart to the same destination.  We are aware of which airlines don’t have the greatest record of timekeeping, and which airports have slow processes for transit passengers, and try to adjust accordingly. We’re sorry you didn’t really enjoy the houseboat. Some customers do find it a bit basic, but most list it as a highlight. We monitor all feedback on this (as on other aspects of our trips), and if the general feeling was against it, then we would drop it.

4 , 13/09/13



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What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

"Lion walking In Zambia which was an extra ($130) But worth it. Boat safari trip at the Chobe safari lodge was brilliant. This was also an extra ($40) All the game drives were amazing and saw so much. Best place we stayed at was the Mogothlo Lodge as it felt very special and was basically just our group there."

Tour Leader Name


How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Olly our tour leader was fantastic. Couldn't ask for more. Was knowledgeable on how animals behaved so knew where best to go on game drives and was one of the main reasons why we saw so much.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

"If not asked Ask leader to organise a private tour boat for the whole party at Chobe safari lodge as was one best things. On house boat go outside at night on back bit (will have to unlock door) as best view of all the stars. Chobe safari lodge there are not much choice to eat apart from their buffet so can allow for £17 per night here for dinner. As come back frome game drive late eat large free buffet breakfast and you won't need lunch. Large draught beers are 40 pula there Mosi and midgy repellant is a must on the houseboat. 300+camera lens is essential for pics Have head gear to keep wind out of face and ears on long drives as in the back you get full force. Always swap seats everyday in the vehicle so it's fair plus it doesn't matter where you sit you will still see everything. "

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

"Do not fly with Virgin if this is the suggested flight. Was the worse flight I have ever had. If you are tall or overweight it will be 10.5 hours each way of torture DO NOT USE! Also as it lands in the morning at Johannesburg airport there was a queue to get through passport control which took 1.5 hours we. Had to run to make the connecting flight with moments to spare. Can get bags put all way through rogue at heathrow First hotel is very cheeky as charges the worse exchange rate at 5.5 pula to the dollar. Everywhere else is 7.6. Exchange before you get there. Very cheeky being charged ($52) to go to Tsodilo hills to see cave paintings as there is nothing else to do on the boathouse. Similar with boat trip in the evening but they did refund the boat trip at the end"

5 Michael Sevitt, 09/11/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Difficult to pick one as there were many. Watching the sun set from the houseboat on the Okavango river was pretty special, as was sipping our gin and tonics on the deck of the Royal Livingstone Hotel as evening fell at the Victoria Falls. The Tree Lodge at Maun was a very special place. Seeing a leopard's tail (leopard attached but not visible!) at the end of our final game drive at Chobe rounded the safari off perfectly.

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Our Response


We will look into your comments on South African Airways, but we had not heard this before.  The airline allocate seats to our groups – usually all close together, but if not, at least in pairs.  But if customers wish to make their own choice, there should still be plenty of options 24 hours in advance, as online check-in is not usually available before then.

0 RB, 19/12/11
What a great trip, the excitment and privilege of seeing such magnificent animals up close from the dwarf mongoose to the impressive elephants, from the bee-eaters to the marribou storks it was all equally fantastic to watch. I think my most memorable night was when an elephant spent some time within a few small feet of our tent, the hippo's were also active right by then a lion roared also nearby all making me wonder how fragile canvas is. Our last safari was another very memorable moment and almost like a climax as we saw so very many elephant in one small area. I think the thing that touched me most was when a mother elephant led her very young baby right by our truck.  I think that some of the group had higher expectations as although the holiday is "in style" it was of mixed comfort, to me it was great and I liked the basic houseboat which helped to make me feel a part of Africa, as long as I can charge my camera I'm happy in most places.    Please remember if you go on holiday with a group there does need to be give and take and a certain amount of sensitivity, if someone tends  to grumble a lot (even though there are no problems) it can upset the whole group's holiday. Also you should respect the animals especially as you are invading their territory, to have people talking loudly and incessently is inconciderate and disturbing for the wildlife.  But it was a great holiday. (OZ - 5th November 2011)
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