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Felucca Sailing on the Nile

Egypt - Trip code NF Boat Journeys
Days 10
Deposit From £80
Price from £799
Flights not included

Why book this trip?

Pioneered over 35 years ago, this adventurous 10 day trip visits Egypt's most famous sites, including the Pyramids at Giza; the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. An overnight train journey will be followed by sightseeing in Aswan before spending time sailing along the lifeline of the country; The Nile River. Travelling upriver in traditional, lateen-rigged feluccas, the experience will be a chance to unwind whilst watching the daily life that occurs on the river banks and to escape from normality by sleeping out on deck under a starlit sky.

    • Included meals

      Breakfast: 9

      Lunch: 3

      Dinner: 4

    • Trip staff

      Explore Tour Leader

    • Transport



      On Foot


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      3 nights simple felucca

      5 nights comfortable hotel

      1 nights simple overnight train

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      Trip pace:

      Full on

    • i

      Group Size:

      10 - 16


    Itineraries on some departure dates may differ, please select the itinerary that you wish to explore.

    Day 1 - Join trip in Cairo

    Arrive in Cairo and check-in at our hotel. As flights will be arriving throughout the day, the official welcome meeting will take place on the morning of day two but your local guide will be around to greet you and help with any queries this evening.

    As one of the largest cities on the African continent, there is plenty to explore if you arrive earlier in the day. Find a seat at one of the riverside cafes alongside the locals and sip on a strong Egyptian coffee while watching the hubbub of life going on along the water, or perhaps find a hole-in-the-wall eatery that serves traditional hawawshi - Arabic bread stuffed with mince meat and spices . Alternatively, take some time to relax before the trip kicks off in full tomorrow.


    Grade: Comfortable Hotel

    Single room available

    Meals Provided: None

    Day 2 - Explore the Pyramids and Egyptian Museum in Cairo

    After breakfast and our welcome meeting, we will kick off a very busy day visiting some of Egypt's most famous sites. This morning we will depart Cairo on a short drive to Giza, where we will spend three hours exploring the Pyramids and Sphinx complex; home to one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. A local guide will talk us through the ancient and recent history of this world-famous site, followed by some free time to wander around the complex. Later this morning we make a brief visit to the papyrus institute, where we will be guided through the detailed process of ancient paper making, before taking a break for a well-deserved lunch.

    This afternoon we return to Cairo to visit the Egyptian Museum, displays over 100,000 Egyptian artefacts, including the mask of Tutankhamun. The collection began in 1835 when the ruler of that period, Muhammad Ali, banned all export of antiquities upon realisation of their cultural (and monetary!) value. The museum will bring Egypt's ancient history to life and will offer a great introduction ahead of our journey.

    This evening we'll make our way to Giza railway station to catch the overnight train to Aswan. We'll be travelling in sleeper cabins made up with two single beds in a bunk-bed style and a small hand basin. Bedding is supplied and dinner will be served on the train. There are two communal toilets in each carriage.


    Grade: Simple Overnight Train

    Single room available

    Meals Provided: Breakfast and Dinner

    Day 3 - Free day to explore Aswan; choose to visit Philae Temple

    We arrive into Aswan around 8am and have plenty of time to explore. Once the gateway to Nubia and the last frontier of Ancient Egypt, Aswan is sited on the First Cataract of the Nile and offers a noticeable change in pace from Cairo. Here the river shallows and runs lazily northbound past palm trees, meandering around large boulders and small islands. On the East Bank the urban area of Aswan is bustling much like any other Egyptian city albeit a little more low-key, while on the West Bank traditional, Nubian village life carries on as the boats sail past.

    A 30 minute walk along the river from our hotel, The Nubian museum is worth a visit to learn more about the colourful culture that is believed to have stemmed from one of the first civilisations on the African continent or take a relaxed wander along the Nile to watch life playing out on the water and fishing boats.

    This afternoon there will be an option to join a trip to visit the High Dam, Philae Temple, also known as the Temple of Isis, and the Unfinished Obelisk. The High Dam is a controversial piece of engineering created to prevent high and low flooding along the Nile, but sadly it's construction led to many archaeological sites being lost under the waters of Lake Nasser. The Temple of Isis on Philae island was one of the sites saved during the flooding, and now stands proudly on the small neighbouring island of Agilkia after being broken down into 50,000 pieces and reassembled. The Ancient Egyptians are world-renowned for being advanced when it comes ancient architecture and a giant example of this is the ancient stone Unfinished Obelisk.


    Grade: Comfortable Hotel

    Single room available

    Swimming pool available

    Meals Provided: Breakfast

    Day 4 - Explore Aswan at leisure; chance to visit Abu Simbel

    Today will be free to continue exploring of Aswan or to visit Abu Simbel.

    Situated a short walk from our hotel, a visit to Aswan's old souk, known locally as Sharia el Souq, is recommended. Be a part of the busy, daily goings-on in the colourful market place where everything from spices to cotton and perfumes to colourful Nubian baskets are sold. Be prepared to bargain and for a more authentic market experience visit later in the afternoon or early evening when the locals tend to shop.

    Alternatively, today you may choose to visit Temples of Abu Simbel. Sitting near the border with Sudan, there will be an option to join a coach excursion or take a short internal flight to the small Nubian Town of Abu Simbel, home to two of Egypt's most famous archaeological sites; Ramesses II and The Small Temple of Nefertari. These giant structures were carved into the limestone cliffs at the instruction of the Egyptian King Ramesses II himself to mark his alleged win at the Battle of Kadesh. Hidden in the sand for hundreds of years, it is said that Abu Simbel is the name of a young Nubian boy that led European explorers to the temples in the early 1800s, where they had stood for 3,000 years before being famously moved to make way for Lake Nasser and the High Dam in the 1960s.


    Grade: Comfortable Hotel

    Single room available

    Swimming pool available

    Meals Provided: Breakfast

    Day 5 - Opportunity to visit to St Simeon's Monastery; sleep on a traditional felucca

    Early this morning there will be an option to ride a camel through the desert to St Simeon's Monastery for a guided tour. This 7th century monastery was said to be home to over 1,000 monks, who travelled from here into Nubia to convert the inhabitants to Christianity. Fortress-like in its style, the structure is a mix of stone and mud-brick and is said to have been built around a pillar which St Simeon once stood upon to hear divine instructions and advice from above. The monastery was later abandoned due to lack of drinking water and repeated raids by Muslim tribes.

    Later this morning we will board our home for the next three nights; a traditional felucca sailing boat. We will spend the afternoon sailing down the Nile and it will be a chance to absorb just how important this river is to the Egyptians. After sunset, we'll enjoy a barbecue with the crew before our first night sleeping under the stars. This felucca experience is a simple one but will reward us with a chance to travel towards Luxor as many Egyptians have before, as well as the perfect opportunity to see the more rural side of Egypt, listening to children singing along the riverbank by sunset and falling asleep to the gentle rock of the river.

    Depending on the group size we will have one or two feluccas manned by the local crew and captain. There will be shaded areas on the deck to escape the midday sun and at night everyone will sleep out on the deck in sleeping bags (bring your own or you can arrange to hire one at the time of booking this trip). During the daytime the boat will moor regularly giving the chance to find a private spot for comfort breaks, while each evening the felucca will be moored for the night and a camp toilet will be built by the crew for a little more privacy. Our crew will make three meals a day; breakfast, a picnic lunch, and often a barbecue of meat or fish in the evenings. These are just examples of the style of food and dietary issues can be catered for with advance notice. Complimentary tea and coffee will be available throughout the time on the felucca and all other drinks will be paid for on-board using a honesty bar system.

    Luggage will be stored in the bottom of the boat and will be accessible twice per day, so we recommend having a day pack where you can store the things you need during the day. The next few days are subject to change in timings and running order because our pace will be decided by weather conditions and the river's current.


    Grade: Simple Felucca

    Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Day 6 - Visit Kom Ombo Temple; continue sailing downriver

    Wake up to the sun rising over the river this morning and enjoy a breakfast prepared by the crew. Breakfast will often be a section of eggs, jam, honey, cheese and bread with a side of fava beans for an Egyptian twist.

    Today we will set sail to Kom Ombo Temple, unusual because of its double design, this once symmetrical temple was dedicated to two different Gods. One of these Gods was Sobek, the 'crocodile God', which explains why 300 mummified crocodiles were found at the site, some of which can still be seen. Since being constructed over 2,000 years ago the temple has been impacted by floods, earthquakes and materials being stolen but the ruins still exhibit great craftsmanship. Most recently, in September 2018 a sandstone sphinx was discovered and the search continues.

    The rest of the day will be spent on the felucca, with occasional stops to visit small riverside communities or for a swim to cool off. Each day, timings will be flexible depending on the current of the river, so your local guide will give regular information.


    Grade: Simple Felucca

    Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Day 7 - Full free day on the felucca with swimming stops

    Today will be truly relaxing. A full free day on the felucca as we continue north towards Luxor, only broken up by stops at small villages or to have a dip in the Nile. From the felucca we will be able to see how much of life in Egypt hasn't changed for thousands of years and timeless traditions carry on untouched by tourism and the modern western culture we are attuned to. Donkeys and goats walk along the banks, children wave excitedly, and elder generations sit in the shade wearing traditional gallibiyahs and head scarfs to protect themselves from the warm sunshine.


    Grade: Simple Felucca

    Meals Provided: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

    Day 8 - Sailing towards Luxor; afternoon visit to Karnak Temple by calesh

    A slow start this morning to make the most of our final few hours on the Nile before we moor to meet our vehicle to head into Luxor. Built upon the ruins of the once powerful Greek city of Thebes, there is evidence of Luxor's rich past whichever way you turn. Like Aswan, Luxor is a city of two halves split by the river. The east side is more urbanised with a great selection of shops and restaurants including well-recognised western brands, while the west is quieter with fewer restaurants serving more tradition fare. During our time in the city we will be staying on the more tranquil West Bank in a small, family-run hotel and crossing the Nile to the busier East Bank is easy, cheap and possible at all times of the day and night. Our hotel offer transfers across the river free of charge at set times.

    This afternoon we'll make our way by traditional horse-drawn carriages, known locally as a calesh, to the Karnak Temple Complex. Once there we will spend over two hours exploring what was once Egypt's most important place of worship and depending on which research you read dates back somewhere between 1,500 - 4,000 years depending. The complex is made up of temples, the most important being The Temple of Amun Ra, houses of royalty and large sphinx lined avenues, and although many of the structures are in varying levels of ruin it only takes a while of wandering around to imagine the bustling community it once was. It is believed that during its peak there were some 80,000 servants working here, pillars were brightly and ornately painted and lush gardens covered much of the grounds.


    Grade: Comfortable Hotel

    Single room available

    Swimming pool available

    Meals Provided: Breakfast

    Day 9 - Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings

    Arguably Egypt's most well known site, this morning we will visit the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Valley of the Kings. Pharaoh Hatshepsut is believed to be the most successful reigning female power of Egypt, no mean feat during Ancient Egyptian times, and was buried alongside her male counterparts in the Valley of the Kings. Historians throughout modern history offer contrasting information about her reign but walking into the shadow of Hatshepsut's immense temple, which is built into the limestone rock face on Luxor's West Bank, is a key symbol of her achievements. The structure has been carved into the rocks under rugged cliffs and is unexpectedly modern by design, it was once linked directly with Karnak Temple on the East Bank and was approached by a 30 metre wide avenue.

    We will later transfer to the world-famous Valley of the Kings, most well known as the burial site of Tutankhamun discovered in 1922 by British Egyptology Howard Carter, along with another 62 royal tombs. Our visit includes entrance to three of the tombs which will be decided on the day, as many are periodically closed for resting and renovation to protect them. After the three, there will be an option to pay a supplement to visit Tutankhamun's.

    Returning to our hotel the rest of the afternoon will be free to continue exploring. The West Bank offers a relaxed atmosphere, and visitors will often find themselves wandering down the dirt roads with few cars and past herds of goats grazing on the water's edge. Alternatively, make use of the hotel pool or rooftop bar with views across to the East Bank before our final group meal.


    Grade: Comfortable Hotel

    Single room available

    Swimming pool available

    Meals Provided: Breakfast

    Day 10 - Trip ends in Luxor

    The trip ends in our Luxor hotel after breakfast.

    Meals Provided: Breakfast

    Trip information

    Country information



    Egypt's climate is hot and dry, typical of a desert environment. In summer it can be very hot and remains hot overnight whereas winter days are milder by comparison and temperatures can drop considerably at night. The mildest area is along the Mediterranean coast with temperatures ranging from 23-31°C in summer and 10-17°C in winter. In the desert region temperatures fluctuate in summer dropping as low as 7°C at night and up to 40°C during the day and in winter it can vary from 0°C at night to 18°C in the day. Aswan is one of the hottest cities with Cairo and Alexandria generally slightly cooler. Egypt receives very little rainfall annually and rainfall in summer is very rare.

    Time difference to GMT



    2 Pin Round


    Islamic, Christian



    Budgeting and packing

    Optional activities

    The following excursions and/or activities are usually available and may be arranged locally. Estimated costs are provided below for guidance only, are on a per person basis unless shown otherwise, and may depend on the number of participants. Prices quoted are correct as of the date these tour notes were originally issued but may change at any time due to currency fluctuations. Please note: These activities are booked and paid for direct with the supplier and do not form part of your Explore holiday contract.

    A selection of optional activities are listed below to help you budget for your Egyptian adventure. Whilst the basic tour price you pay before you travel includes a great selection of highlights, we have also built in free time to allow you the flexibility to choose from a carefully selected range of additional excursions and activities or take time to relax, the choice is yours. At certain destinations along the way there may be several options to choose from and it may not be possible to fit all the activities in; your Explore Leader will be able to give advice on this.

    Luxor -
    Habu Temple and Workers Tomb 1190LE per person including transportation and guide.
    Villages calesh ride (2-hours) 425LE per person
    Entry to Tutankhamun's Tomb at Valley of the Kings 300LE per person (entrance ticket only)
    Karnak Sound and Light Show 300LE per person (entrance ticket only)
    Donkey trek (2-hours) 510LE per person includinh transportation
    Guided visit to Valley of the Queens and Deir al-Medina 1190LE per person including transportation
    Luxor Museum 170LE per person
    Luxor Mummification Museum 150LE per person

    Aswan -
    Camel trek to St. Simeon's Monastery with boat crossings 820LE per person
    Guided tour to Philae Temple, Obelisque and Aswan High Dam including bus and boat transfers 1100LE per person
    Felucca cruise 250LE per person
    Dinner in a Nubian Village including return boat journey 510LE per person

    Cairo -
    Saqqara and Unas Pyramids 1190LE per person including transportation
    Half day Islamic Cairo 850LE per person including transportation
    Entrance to Solar Boat Museum 150LE per person
    Mummies Rooms in Egyptian Museum 235LE per person

    Abu Simbel (Aswan) -
    Excursion from Aswan by bus 2300LE per person or by air from 5950LE per person.
    (The Abu Simbul excursion will be booked and payment take on the first day of the trip).

    Please note that all optionals prices are in LE Egyptian Pounds, though US Dollars and GBP Pounds are also accepted. There may be a minimum requirement of 5 passengers on certain optional excursions; your Explore leader will be able to advise.


    Egypt has two seasons, a mild summer and a hot summer, so light, comfortable clothing is recommended for sightseeing and exploring the cities.

    However, the nights and early mornings can get cold, so we'd suggest layering up and packing a jumper and/or scarf.

    Don't forget swimwear if planning to use any hotel pools or to cool off in the Nile.

    Please note, women are advised not to wear shorts or dresses that are too revealing as this can attract unwelcome attention in the streets of Muslim towns - loose fitting trousers or slacks are ideal. Women should also cover their head and shoulders when entering a mosque and men should wear long trousers.


    Comfortable shoes and sandals are recommended.




    Explore leader
    Tour Leader: In Egypt, it is customary to tip the tour leader in appreciation of the efficiency and service you receive. We would recommend allowing approximately GBP£3-£5 per person per day as a guideline but this is at your discretion.
    Local crew
    Although entirely voluntary, tipping is a recognized part of life in this region of the world. Some local staff will look to members of the group for personal recognition of particular services provided. In order to make things easier for you, your leader may organise a group's tips kitty for included activities and meals and if this is the case, they will account for it throughout the tour.

    Accordingly, you should allow approx. £35.00 per person for group tipping, , (your Tour Leader will request the equivalent of 750 Egyptian Pounds per person).
    For all non-included services and meals on your trip please tip independently at your discretion.


    Food and drink

    The costs for meals may vary depending upon location, type of restaurant and number of courses eaten and so the prices given are an average guide. Local restaurants located off the beaten track may be less expensive, whereas an upmarket restaurant located in the centre of a major city may charge more.

    Lunch price
    Dinner price
    Beer price
    Water price
    Foreign Exchange
    Local currency
    Egyptian Pound
    Recommended Currency For Exchange
    We recommend that you bring your money in cash, £GBP, US$ or Euros which are readily changeable.
    Where To Exchange
    Most major towns - your tour leader will advise you on arrival.
    ATM Availability
    You may also bring an ATM card, as these are available in main towns. Please contact your bank prior to travelling to determine if your card will work in Egypt.
    Credit Card Acceptance
    Credit cards are rarely accepted. Please contact you bank prior to travelling to determine if your card will work in Egypt.
    Travellers Cheques
    You may find it useful to bring some Travellers Cheques as a back up.
    Transport, Accommodation & Meals

    Transport Information

    Bus, Boat, On Foot, Train

    Accommodation notes

    This trip makes use of simple accommodation throughout. Our hotels in Cairo and Aswan are both centrally located in the busier urban areas and shops, restaurants and some attractions are easily accessible on foot. While in Luxor we will be staying on the quieter side of the river in a small family-run hotel, with a pool and a rooftop restaurant with views over the Nile, to make the most of the nearby location to the historic sites.

    On the overnight train between Cairo and Aswan we use sleeper compartments, each containing a bench seat which converts into bunk beds. The carriage steward sets this up and provides bed linen, blankets and pillows. Each cabin is lockable and has a night light and a small sink, shelf, mirror, towel and power socket plus there is a removable table top that folds into the wall. Dinner and breakfast is delivered directly to you. Two western style toilets are located at the end of each carriage and there is a communal lounge carriage with a bar serving soft drinks.

    During our three nights on the Nile, depending on the group size we will have one or two feluccas manned by the local crew and captain. Sleeping arrangements are simple, sleeping on mattresses out on the deck of the boat with sleeping bags. Sleeping bags can be rented for £10 per person per night and to book this you must notify Explore at least 14 days prior to travel, otherwise we're unable to guarantee there will be a sleeping bag available.

    During the daytime the boat will moor regularly giving the chance to find a private spot for comfort breaks, while each evening the felucca will be moored for the night and a camp toilet will be built by the crew for a little more privacy.

    On the felucca, there will be three meals prepared per day. As an example, breakfast will be of eggs, bread and preservatives, lunch will be a picnic often including tuna or cheese with salad and bread, and evenings meals will be a barbecue of meat or fish in the evenings. Dietary issues can be catered for with advance notice. Complimentary tea and coffee will be available throughout the time on the felucca and all other drinks will be paid for on-board using a honesty bar system.

    Luggage will be stored in the bottom of the boat and will be accessible twice per day, so we recommend having a day pack where you can store the things you need during the day. The next few days are subject to change in timings and running order because our pace will be decided by weather conditions and the river's current.

    Essential Information

    FCO Advice

    We strongly recommend that you check your government's travel advisory for up-to-date information and advice about your destination: safety and security, entry requirements, health, local laws and customs. For UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice click here.

    For more information from Explore about travel advice, click here

    Under 18 immigration guidance

    Please note that some countries require proof of parental consent when travelling overseas with under 18s. Please check requirements with the relevant embassy or consular office well in advance of travel if this applies to your party.

    Price Guarantee

    Once your booking has been confirmed we guarantee the price will not increase, whatever the circumstances. Before booking please ensure you have read our important tour pricing information.Booking Conditions

    Visa and Passport Information

    Egypt: An entry visa is required by all nationalities. UK citizens can obtain a visa on arrival at the airport for the current cost of 25USD. Please note, you must purchase a visa stamp at one of the nearby banks before proceeding to the immigration desk.
    Alternatively you can obtain a single entry E-visa prior to departure via the e-visa website: You will need to print a copy of your e-visa approval letter and present this with your passport and final documents at immigration upon your arrival. The approval letter will take a minimum of 7 days to be processed so we strongly advise for you to apply within plenty of time before your departure. You will be permitted to stay within Egypt for up to 90 days. We strongly recommend for you to read the How to Apply and FAQ sections on the e-visa website before applying.

    Please ensure you read the FCO advice if you are travelling with prescribed medication.

    If you do require assistance in obtaining a visa then you may be able to apply through Explore's recommended visa service in the UK, Travcour. See to download the relevant visa application for your trip, if applicable (UK citizens only), along with details of how to apply for your visa through Travcour. The Team at Travcour will be happy to answer specific questions relating to visa applications, please call them directly on 0208 5431846.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of a full passport, with the correct validity for your chosen destination.

    Booking conditions

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    Find out more about Trip Transfer Terms and Conditions before you book.

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    Joining Tour Abroad

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    The exception to this rule is customers who are booked on a tour where the joining and ending point is at the designated airport or train station.  

    Free transfers are not available for Self-Guided, Polar, Tailormade or Tours for Churches customers.

    If you are not eligible for the Free Transfer then you will need to make your own way through to the joining and ending point. On a majority of our tours Explore will be able to provide a private transfer at an additional cost. Please ask for a quote at the time of booking.  

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    It is a condition of booking with Explore that you have adequate valid travel insurance. It is your responsibility to arrange appropriate travel insurance and ensure you have read and understood the full terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for all activities you intend to undertake whilst on the tour, including all optional activities. Your Insurance Policy must fully cover you for medical expenses and emergency repatriation to your home country. Please ensure your policy includes medical emergency helicopter evacuation in the event of illness or injury and covers the entire duration of your holiday. If you are trekking at altitude please ensure that there is no upper altitude limit which may limit or exclude cover for your trip. The cost of many of our Polar Voyages will exceed the capped amount covered by standard insurance premiums and you will be required to pay an additional premium to cover the full value of your trip. Please ensure that you are covered for the full amount of your holiday cost, as insufficient cover could invalidate a claim under the policy. Medical and repatriation insurance cover is not mandatory for UK residents who are travelling on trips within the United Kingdom.
    Read more information about what travel insurance is required.

    Flight information

    Explore offers a wide range of flexible flying options to make joining and leaving our trips easy. Read more about them here.

    Flight Information

    You are able to book this tour on a 'land only' basis or as a ‘flight inclusive’ package. Your flight inclusive package will be fully protected by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) ATOL protection scheme.


    Booking a flight inclusive package with Explore

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    On our website we display a UK flight inclusive package guide price which is generally based on a London departure. To avoid paying supplements or to secure your preferred flight option, we recommend booking as early as possible, especially for peak travel dates.



    Nothing compulsory but we recommend protection against typhoid, tetanus, infectious hepatitis and polio. Though malaria does exist in Egypt it is not normally found in the areas in which we travel. Please note that all travellers aged over 9 months old will be required to supply a yellow fever certificate if you have travelled from or have transited via a country with a risk of yellow fever transmission. Please check the latest requirements with your travel clinic or doctor prior to departure. The above is not an exhaustive list. Further information regarding vaccinations and travel health advice can be found by following the NHS and NaTHNaC links at Explore Travel Health and from your local healthcare provider. Visa and vaccination requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed by you before travelling.

    Additional Information

    Extend your trip

    Why not extend your holiday by spending an extra three nights in Safaga on the coast of the Red Sea to relax, snorkel and enjoy time in a premium hotel -  Nile Cruise + Red Sea Extension

    Why book this trip

    As well as a chance to see Egypt's world-famous highlights, the three night felucca sailing is an opportunity to experience the other Egypt: the quieter, more traditional and natural side. Be rocked to sleep by the river and woken by the sunrise, and spend the time between reading and relaxing. Days spent on the river is time to slow down, unwind and to see the Egyptian's day-to-day life along the heart of the country; the Nile.

    Dates, prices and booking

    All holidays are subject to availability and prices are subject to change
    Sat 19 Oct 2019 - Mon 28 Oct 2019 Guaranteed departure
    was Save
    On request
    Please call us
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    These trip joining details are provided on a provisional basis and may change prior to this tour departing. Any changes to these details will be updated on this page.
    For those not eligible for a free transfer the joining / ending time and location for your trip are detailed below:
    Joining Point
    Time and place
    18:00 at Hotel reception
    Ending Point
    If you have booked a pre or post trip accommodation directly with the hotel, or through any other intermediaries, please ensure you regularly check this page in case of any changes.

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