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Inca Trail Trek PQ

Visiting: Peru
Tour Duration 9 Days
Reviews for Inca Trail Trek 4.5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.

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We have the following different versions of the Inca Trail Trek tour available at present.

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2.5 Erica Lee, 03/12/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Macchu Picchu - stunning.

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Our Response

Thank you for your feedback.  We work very closely with a doctor who specialises in altitude-related issues, and take his advice on acclimatisation matters and so on – but we are always willing to review the processes on any particular tour, and will do so.

We are currently reviewing the Amazon extensions we offer.  These are always going to be with large groups in large lodges, as this is what is available from the authorities, and we are aware that customers used to our small groups can find this disappointing, especially if other visitors do not show the awareness of environmental issues that Explore customers generally do.  We are also in the process of going through training processes with our local agent and the local guides in the Amazon, with the intention of ensuring the maximum value from the time in the Amazon.

5 Alan Finn, 09/07/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The stunning scenery

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5 Sarah Field, 08/07/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Arriving at the Sun Gate and seeing Macchu Picchu perched on the top of the mountains after four days of trekking. The camaraderie and support within the group and the look on my partner's face as he got to realise his dream of seeing somewhere he'd heard about on Blue Peter when he was a small boy.

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4.5 , 16/10/13


Emily Davies

Tour Name

Inca Trail Trek

Tour Code


What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

The whole camping in the mountains experience was incredible. The best thing about this tour with Explore is that they spread it out over 4 days and stay at much quieter campsites than the usual 3 day trek many others do. Most nights, we were either the only group camping or 1-2 others. One campsite we arrived at for lunch (that other groups stay the night over at) had 400 people! Explore pick incredible campsites and it means you get to enjoy the views all to yourself.

Tour Leader Name


How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Pabel was amazing. Very friendly, incredible local knowledge and always kept spirits in the group high, despite one member suffering a little with altitude sickness. He ensured we always walked at a manageable pace, always making us laugh and singing us songs, and sat with us and played cards and drank coffee in the evenings. Once we got back to Cusco he even took us out for two lovely meals to locally recommended restaurants. A fabulous tour leader.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

The single room option is good if you fancy a little of your own space either side of the trek - as it's very reasonably priced too. A head torce is a must for the trek, as are comfortable boots, a warm jacket (it gets very cold at night)and dry shampoo for the ladies!!

5 Kerry, 09/11/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Seeing Macchu Picchu in the distance.

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4 Stephanie , 30/05/12


I had a fantastic time on the Inca Trail,  sometimes it was hard and I had to dig deep but overall I can say that I even enjoyed the trail! I enjoyed meeting people that I wouldn't normally come into contact with (real trekkers!) and found the conversation really interesting and had some right laughs. I have made good friends and would like to keep in touch with them. The camping was OK but I am happier in a real bed. The food was great and seeing Machu Picchu for the first time was awesome – although I was a little tired by then. Can’t wait until my next walking holiday. Thanks Explore.


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5 Mags, 30/05/12


A wonderful opportunity to visit one of the 7 wonders of the world, arriving by such a spectacular route made the experience very special.  I would recommend walking the Trail to anyone able and fit enough as the total immersion into Inca culture and the remoteness of the Andes over 4 days made the buzz of getting to Machu Picchu even better – I felt like Indiana Jones / Hiram Bingham!  Our guide explained all the significant structures to bring the citadel alive and answered our questions and enriched our visit to the Lost City– Jorge and Jesus were excellent  - and I could not have managed the Trail without their care and support.


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5 Paul Knapper, 30/05/12


Although this isn’t the normal style of trip I take I was looking forward to doing the walk with the great reward of finishing the Inca Trail and seeing Machu Picchu once we had achieved the 4 day trek. The food and the camping was a good part of the trip but I really found the walking hard for someone with little or no experience of trekking. I personally thought this was hard for my first trek and after reading anybody with reasonable fitness levels can do it I thought I would be ok. I personally think trekking and camping experience before this type of trip is a must and would make you much better prepared for what lies ahead.


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4 John Sullivan, 30/05/12


An amazing life changing experience, fantastically organised and operated with a pitch that accommodated all abilities. From start to finish (except the final flight, my own fault) the trip operated like clockwork, it is clear that the quality of the delivery is paramount to Explore.


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5 Lorena, 30/05/12


The trip was a fantastic experience. I am not going to lie and say it was an easy one but I think that was more due to my lack of experience on this kind of trip more than anything else. There were many first time experiences for me on the Inca Trail trip and I created memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. Explore as a company provide an amazing service. They looked after us so well.  I also just want to add that I think the group you trek with really help to make this a great experience; I really do think this was the case with our group. Diverse but fantastic!


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5 Amelia Shepherd, 30/05/12


This trip exceeded my expectations on all levels. The trekking was superb. The guides exceptional, the Explore team and group combined to create a great mix of people. We managed to squeeze in so much including white water rafting and a amazing rail journey at the end to top it off. Fantastic.


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5 Michelle Laverick (Explore Staff), 30/05/12

The Inca Trail was not my first trek but it was my first time to South America and my first time into the southern hemisphere. Stepping off the plane in Cusco was the first realization that I was back at Altitude, a feeling that I had not had for some time. Cusco was brilliant and my favorite part was going into the local market and seeing all the locally grown produce (and delicacies) for sale.

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