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Naxi and Miao Festivals of Southern China
14 days
China - Trip code SNM

Naxi and Miao Festivals of Southern China

In the southern Chinese states of Yunnan and Guizhou we'll encounter many interesting ethnic groups and visit the festivals of two - the Naxi and the Small Flower Miao People. Joining the Eryueba Festival we witness how the Naxi people worship the gods of nature and at the Tiaohuapo Festival we join the Miao as they commemorate their migration to the region some 2000 years ago. Our journey takes us through wonderful mountain scenery stopping at waterfalls, lakes and small villages along the way.

Trip highlights

  • Eryueba Festival - Join the Naxi people as they celebrate and worship the gods of nature
  • Tiaohuapo Festival - See the colourful costumes of the Small Flower tribe of the Miao as they celebrate their migration to the area 2000 years ago
  • Baishuitai white water terraces - A spectacular natural wonder and the spiritual home of the Naxi people
  • Shangri La - Visit the dramatic Songtzeling Monastery, home to 500 Buddhist lamas who spend their days passing on their spiritual wisdom to others
  • Hualong village - Meet local families in their homes for an insight into an ancient way of life
  • Family homestay - Spend two nights living with the Miao in Nande village
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Group Size:
10 - 16
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Itineraries on some departure dates may differ, please select the itinerary that you wish to explore.

Day 1 - Join trip in Chengdu

With a history that stretches back nearly 2500 years, Chengdu marks the spot where the southern Silk Road began. The city boasts a rich cultural pedigree that has produced some of China's most famous poets, including the 'Chinese Shakespeare', De Fu, who lived in the 8th century and is survived by almost 1500 hugely influential poems. Chengdu is also famed for its cuisine, with chili being one of the main ingredients, and is considered to be home to the tea drinking culture of China.

Accommodation: Holiday Inn Express Chengdu Wuhou(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: None
Day 2 - Explore Chengdu and visit the Panda Research Centre

This morning we head to the outskirts of the city to meet Chengdu's most famous residents, the giant pandas. The research centre opened in 1990 and covers an area of more than 90 acres. The resident pandas are said to be China's spoilt children and they spend their days relaxing in large enclosures whilst the staff bring them bamboo by the bucket load. The centre works hard to breed the pandas with the ultimate aim of releasing them back in to the wild.

In the afternoon we visit the old town of Chengdu. Originally built 300 years ago, parts were destroyed and rebuilt in recent years, but it is still possible to experience what the old Chengdu was like with narrow streets, pretty courtyards, tea houses and shops.

Later we visit Qingyang Palace, the largest and oldest Taoist Palace in China. Constructed during the Tang dynasty over 1000 years ago, most of the buildings we can see today date from the 1600s and have been restored to their original state in recent years. After our visit we take the early evening flight to Shangri La.

Accommodation: Shangri-la Impression Boutique Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 3 - Discover Songtzeling Monastery and visit a local market at Shangri La

Shangri La is at an altitude of 3200m so our sightseeing here is kept relaxed to help us acclimatise. Travelling by public bus we visit the Songtzeling Monastery, known locally as the 'Small Potala' as it bears a resemblance to the Potala Palace in Lhasa. The monastery follows the Yellow Hat sect of Buddhism and is home to 500 lamas. After spending some time soaking up the tranquil atmosphere we stroll around the lake which sits in front of this beautiful monastery. Making our way back to town, we'll walk through the narrow streets stopping at a local market before reaching the Guishan Temple which marks the centre of the town and is the location of an enormous prayer wheel.

Accommodation: Shangri-la Impression Boutique Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 4 - Explore Napa Lake and the Baishuitai White Water Terraces. Meet the people of the Yi tribe

Napa Lake is a large peaceful wetland area which attracts many birds including bar-headed geese and elegant black-necked cranes, a rare species revered by Tibetan Buddhists who believe that previous incarnations of the Dalai Lama were carried from monastery to monastery on their backs. We'll walk along the shore for a couple of hours to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the area, spotting yaks and sheep grazing in the nearby fields and visiting a couple of the small Tibetan hamlets that are located along the edge of the lake.

In the afternoon we drive approximately four hours to Baishuitai White Water Terraces. On the way we stop at villages of the Yi people where the houses are mostly made of wood and mud, the way they have been for generations. We'll learn how the Yi have a belief system that recognises many gods, reveres their ancestors and is strongly influenced by Buddhism and Taoism, and we'll see how they still farm their land with age old traditional methods. The terraces of Baishuitai are a spectacular sight set amongst lush green scenery. Formed by calcium in the spring water leaving deposits as it tumbles down the mountainside, the pure white basins are filled with clear blue water.

Accommodation: Baodan Hotel(or similar)

Simple Guesthouse
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 5 - Join the Naxi People as they celebrate their Eryueba Festival

The Naxi are an ethnic minority group that consider the white water terraces to be the origin of their culture. At the time of the Eryueba Festival they gather near the terraces to worship the gods of nature and the spirits of the natural world. The 'Akabala Dance' will be performed in a forest clearing accompanied by traditional songs. The dance venerates nature and the gods and is performed by people from Wushuwan village just once a year for the festival, a truly rare event to witness!

Each family finds a place in the forest, makes a fire and cooks a lunch of chicken, pork and vegetables. We'll wander round the area and meet the hospitable Naxi, who will be more than happy to talk to us about this special time and their culture.

We'll enjoy our own picnic lunch in the forest before joining the large gathering next to the terraces where there'll be more dancing around a musician playing a Lusheng, an ancient instrument made of bamboo.

Once the day's festivities draw to a close, we depart for Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge, a journey of around two and a half hours by road.

Accommodation: Tina's Guesthouse(or similar)

Simple Guesthouse
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 6 - Walk through Tiger Leaping Gorge and drive to Shaxi

After breakfast we take a short drive to Upper Tiger Leaping Gorge and then walk for approximately forty minutes down towards the Yangtse River. During the walk there are spectacular views of the gorge which in some places is less than 30 metres across with sheer vertical sides. The path is mainly steps so a walking pole is useful. After returning on the same path we will make our way to Shaxi, a small village on the Tea and Horse Trail that is around an hour's drive away.

On the way we stop at Jianchuan where we can see the old houses and way of life of the Bai People. The Bais hold the colour white in high esteem and typically women wear white dresses with sleeveless jackets of red or blue and shoes embroidered in white cloth. Clothing is often adorned with Bai symbols for snow, the moon, flowers and the wind.

Accommodation: Aoxiu Zige Hotel(or similar)

Simple Guesthouse
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 7 - Visit Shaxi and Hualong villages and drive to Lijiang

We will wander through the main village square of Shaxi and visit the peaceful Xinjiao Temple, famous for its Buddhist murals painted by master Bao Zhang in the 15th Century. Leaving the village through the east gate we take a short walk across farmland to reach Hualong village. A small and welcoming village, we'll meet with the locals and learn a little about life in this remote region before taking a different path back to Shaxi.

In the afternoon we drive to Lijiang, a journey of around two and a half hours.

Accommodation: Lijiang Azeroth Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 8 - Wander the old streets of Lijiang, discover the Black Dragon Pool and the Naxi village of Yuhu

A maze of cobbled streets and canals wind between rickety wooden buildings in Lijiang old town and we'll spend a couple of hours exploring before moving on to the Black Dragon Pool, a large lake which is a haven for birdlife with a pretty bridge and a temple on its banks. If the weather is clear we'll get lovely views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain dominating the distant horizon.

In the afternoon we'll head to Yuhu, an ancient Naxi village with houses made of local stone which is situated at the foot of the mountain. There is a small and fascinating museum dedicated to Joseph Rock, an explorer that made the village his base for researching and documenting the area, and who became one of the foremost experts on the Naxi people.

Accommodation: Lijiang Azeroth Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 9 - Fly to Guiyang, visit Xiashi village and stay with a local Miao family in Nande

We fly to Guiyang this morning, arriving around midday before driving for approximately two hours to Xiashi. A traditional village of Dong people, we'll wander Xiashi's old streets discovering old houses and ancient drum towers. Highly impressive pagoda-like structures, the Dong drum towers are intricately carved and designed to represent the four seasons and 12 months of the year. Originally used to call the villagers to a gathering to hear the punishment that the council of elders would dispense to wrong-doers, they now serve as a social centre for the old men of the village who meet to play cards, drink tea, smoke and chat - a great place for us to experience village life.

We will continue to Nande village where we will stay with Miao families, a unique opportunity to observe the everyday rural existence of this minority people. The number of homestays used will depend on the size of our group. Please be prepared for very simple accommodation with between 2-4 persons sharing a room and also sharing the simple toilet and washing facilities of the family which are located outside of the house. All bedding will be provided although you may wish to bring your own sleeping sheet. You will also need to bring a small towel.

Accommodation: Homestay (Nande)(or similar)

Simple Homestay
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 10 - Spend time learning about the Miao culture and lifestyle

We spend today both with our hosts in Nande and enjoying a visit to other Miao villages in the area. One of the larger of China's ethnic minorities, the Miao are a deeply spiritual people who are thought to have originated from the Yellow River valleys of northern China some 4,500 year ago. Famed for their exceptional skills with embroidery and handicrafts, they are known for the ornate headdresses that they wear during festivities, the women adorning themselves with elaborate silver headdresses and jewellery, and their hand woven and brightly coloured clothes bedecked with intricate embroidery. Even the men dress to impress, sometimes wearing light coloured turbans and huge silver ringed necklaces.

Accommodation: Homestay (Nande)(or similar)

Simple Homestay
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 11 - Drive to Shuicheng via the Huangguoshu falls

Today we have a long drive to Shuicheng stopping on the way to visit the spectacular Huangguoshu (Yellow Fruit Tree) Falls, the largest in China and reputedly the longest drop of any falls in Asia, measuring an impressive 84 metres and over 80 metres in width. A climb up a series of steep, water soaked steps leads to a suspension bridge that crosses into a verdant, forested landscape, where there may be an opportunity to walk behind the falls and enter the impressive 100m long 'Water Curtain Cave' that lies behind it.

Accommodation: Island International Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 12 - Attend the Tiaohuapo Festival of Small Flower Miao people

An hour and a half drive through dramatic mountain scenery will bring us to Nankai Santangkou village, where we'll attend the Tiaohuapo Festival of Small Flower Miao people, one of the oldest festivals of the tribe which commemorates their migration to the area two thousand years ago.

Tens of thousands of local Miao people gather from all the nearby villages, most wearing their traditional outfits. For men this means short coats and trousers, while women decorate themselves with dazzling jewels and skirts with up to forty layers. The celebrations begin mid-morning with dances in the square and onlookers watching from the mountain slopes nearby, and continues to early evening. We'll have as much fun mingling with the crowds as we will watching the celebrations, as we rub shoulders with the elaborately dressed Miao people, and occasionally members other tribal communities that like to attend such an important event in the region.

After the festival finishes in the late afternoon we'll drive back to Shuicheng.

Accommodation: Island International Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 13 - Drive to Guiyang and explore the city

This morning we travel to Guiyang by road (around three and a half hours), very much a modern city and representative of China's booming economy. We'll soak up the busy atmosphere with a visit to some of the more interesting spots such as the bustling Flower and Bird market. We also see Guiyang's landmark, the 20 metre high Jiaxiulou Tower which dates back to the 16th century.

Accommodation: Guiyang Karst Hotel(or similar)

Standard Hotel
Single room available
Meals Provided: Breakfast
Day 14 - Trip ends in Guiyang

Our trip ends in Guiyang after breakfast.

Meals Provided: Breakfast

Why book this trip

Southern China is rich in tribal communities that maintain age old traditions and provide wonderful insights in to the old China. The festivals are particularly important events and allow us to mix with the locals when they are in celebratory mood as well as learn about their culture. The scenery is mountainous and beautiful, making the drives between destinations a delight, and the people are warm and friendly so we'll be welcomed at every stop.

What's included?

Included meals
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  • Bus
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  • Local Guide(s)
  • 3 nights simple guesthouse
  • 2 nights simple homestay
  • 8 nights standard hotel

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