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Classic Egypt with Nile Cruise EG

Visiting: Egypt
Tour Duration 10 Days
Reviews for Classic Egypt with Nile Cruise 4.5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings.

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We have the following different versions of the Classic Egypt with Nile Cruise tour available at present.

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5 Maggie Dawson, 03/03/15

Please Review Your Overall Experience And What Your Highlights Were

Whirlwind tour taking in classic highlights of Egyptian history but with time to savour the rarer examples of this ancient civilisation - in particular the opportunity to see detailed and at times grotesque carvings in a rarely visited temple and the "as if painted yesterday" paintings in the Workmen's Tombs


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4 Deb, 06/01/15

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The balloon optional trip and the Nile Cruise. Food on the cruise was excellent.

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4.5 Gill, 01/10/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Going into the tomb of Rameses V1 and seeing the colours on the hieroglyphics looking so vibrant, and getting some understanding of what the tombs looked like when they were sealed up thousands of years ago. Most sites were virtually deserted so it was easy to take stunning photos and spend lots of time admiring the insides of pyramids and tombs

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4 , 15/08/13


Dymphna Lee

Tour Name

Classic Egypt with Nile Cruise

Tour Code


What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

There were too many highlights to note, every temple got better and better, but if I had to choose it would be Abu Simbel, you can't miss it! Also falafel, mmm so yummy!

Tour Leader Name


How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Karim was amazing (if a bit serious at times), really excellent knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian culture and managed our large group with varied interests for optional activities very well indeed.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Take lots of sunscreen (there's plenty of time for sunbathing on the cruise boat), and some food nibbles from home (sometimes we were out for a long time without rest stops and I got hungry). There are shops about but the selection wasn't great. Stay cheap - get some bottled water at the shops on the street (not the hotels or the boat) as its way cheaper, you'll be drinking A LOT of it. Go exploring once your guide finishes showing you around, with a little 'baksheesh' you might get to see something special. Do go inside the Pyramids where you can, they don't smell great but I had no idea you could so it was awesome! But don't touch the walls inside the tombs, preserve them for future generations to be amazed by :) I'd recommend doing the calesh ride around Luxor as you get to do some shopping (I didn't and missed out because I was afraid to go to the souks alone.) Haggling here is more difficult than I experienced in Marrakesh, they really try hard to sell at their price, but just remember they've likely never been to the UK so they don't know what things cost there!

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

This holiday was really good if you have an interest in ancient Egypt, but I will say to the younger people (20s-30s), you might feel a little excluded as it seemed to be a trip for older people and families (there was no young children on my tour though). I will also say as a female traveller, alone or not, you will get harassed, so its best to stick with the pack and ignore any unwanted attention as much as possible. Its more annoying than anything. Dressing conservatively definitely helps. Not sure what to say other than everything was well organised, although would've preferred a bit more time in Kom Ombo, the stop was very short and felt rushed. Hopefully Explore aren't still using the hotel in Luxor on the last day because it was awful, doors and windows that didn't lock/open properly and safes that weren't bolted down, it was really noisy at night even with earplugs.

5 Gertrud, 07/03/13

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

"To see these ancient Egyptian sites in real after having known them from pictures for a long time.
The Pyramids and the Sphinx in their setting are stunning, going into one of them was a bonus. Abu Simbel is well worth the long drive.  The vast temple at Edfu. The amazing carvings and reliefs in many places.
The whole experience of floating up the Nile on the MS Mirage - a 5* star hotel on water with excellent facilities and delicious food."

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5 Jerry, 07/03/13

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Visiting tombs and temples

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5 Richard Michael Johnson, 02/01/13

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The view of the Nile from atop the Nile Hotel in Aswan was stunning. Sailing boats and cruisers stretched out across the river. The balloon ride over Luxor and the Valleys was also fantastic. The camel ride was enjoyable too. Not least all the amazing pyramids, temples and tombs.

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0 Barbara Barrow, 27/10/11

I had a really brilliant time. I had feared that well-known sights such as The Pyramids may disappoint and not come up to expectations, but that was definitely not the case, they were stunning. The whole holiday experience was probably helped by the fact that our group was small, only 8 in number, and because Egypt is suffering so much from lack of tourists following the riots. There was some trouble while we were there, but our really excellent tour leader, Wael Wanas, simply altered the itinerary so we saw everything we were supposed to, just in a different order.

Lack of numbers meant we were upgraded and hotels, except for Cairo, had large swimming pools, a real bonus. There were some very early starts, but they were well worth it to be at sights in the relative cool and before the (very few) other tourists. Highlights were The Pyramids, Sphinx, Abu Simbel, and my favourites, Deir-el-Medina and Medinet Habu. If you are thinking of going but have doubts - do go - you will be made so welcome and will be helping the country to get back on its feet. (EG -9th March 2011)

0 Gill Hunter, 11/02/11
Variety of tour, bird life on the Nile, eating at local restaurants, temples far more impressive than anticipated. Be sure to have a comfortable pair of trainers to walk over rough ground and sand. (EG - 15th January 2011)
0 Sarah Yates (Explore Staff), 31/12/10
I loved every second of this trip; the main sights - the Pyramids and the Sphinx, Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple etc were all fantastic, but some of my favourite experiences were at the less visited sites, and optional excursions.    Visiting Habu temple and the Valley of the Workers was fascinating, and Habu temple was very unique in the fact that many of the vibrant colours still remain. It was the first temple I visited in Luxor, and was my personal favourite. I also loved the visit to the Nubian village, travelling through the backwaters of the Nile showed a different side to Egypt - it was quiet, saw some beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, and families and children playing on the banks of the Nile. And that was before we had even reached the village! It was fascinating to learn about the Nubian culture and their way of life; their hibiscus tea was also rather good! I went on to do the Western Desert extension after the tour, and the night camping out in the White Desert was simply breath taking. The whole experience was amazing, but my most memorable bit was camping out in the White Desert. The scenery was stunning, and the group and I sat on top of a rock and watched the sunset before sitting around the fire and chatting with our tour leader, Wael. My favourite bit was sleeping under the stars, amazing experience and recommend it to anyone! (EG - 8th May 2010)
0 KRISTY HALPIN, 31/12/10
A fabulous way to travel and relax. Seeing all the main sights and experiences, but having a comfortable boat to retreat to, is definitely the ideal way to travel, but feel like you have had a bit of a 'holiday' as well. This was a truly diverse trip and highlights for me were dinner at the Nubian Village and the camel trek across the desert. Things that you siumply couldn't replicate anywhere else, and when you were doing them you absolutely knew you were in Egypt.  Having done a little bit of travel in the past, it would be wrong for me to not recognise and appreciate Wael Wanas. He is, in my view, an absolutely brilliant tour guide and really made the trip. His passion for his country really came through, and I think we had more insight into the Egyptian way of life as a result.  A word of warning -- don't go to Egypt in September if you don't like the heat! Luckily I do, and the boat with the sunlounger was the perfect way to rest in the sun for a few hours in the afternoon. The only surprise I had on this tour was the group size - much larger than I have typically experienced on tours of this nature, probably driven by the proximity to the UK. In some ways this was good in that it offered opportunity to meet a broad range of people. However, on the flip side, I did feel it inevitably took a bit longer to get to know people and in some cases this happened too late in the day. And let's face it, larger groups need everyone to do as they're asked and turn up on time. Unfortunately this wasn't always the case. (EG - 18th September 2010)
0 Cherrie Waltho, 16/11/10
This 10 day adventure which took in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan (by bus, train, cruiseboat, calesh, air balloon, camel and donkey)  was full of more amazing things than was listed in the Explore itinerary.   From the moment we travelled through Cairo at midnight to our hotel until the very early coach journey to Luxor airport, every hour spent awake was filled with seeing and learning new facts about this amazingly beautiful country, Egypt.  The two days in Cairo were jam packed with activities. One can only stand and wonder at the majestic beauty of the Pyramids. It might come as a shock to many to see how close the city has crept up on these ancient momuments. But their presence still dominates the cityscape. One memory that will stay with me is eating (or trying to eat) lunch on the coach as it hurtled its way through the streets of Giza and Cairo. How none of us arrived at the musuem without falafal or coke down our shirts still amazes me! The Egyptian Musuem was worth the long wait in blistering  afternoon heat but so much to see in so short a time. Yet, being able to absorb the beauty of King Tut's death mask was worth the tussle through the masses.   Two days is too short a time in this enthralling Capital. It is worth a return trip undoubtedly!  Then came the sleeper train experience! Wow ! I found that the trains are driven in the same way as the cars. Very fast then a sudden, halt! Definitely no slowing down as we found out several times during that journey. Not many of us slept that night and there will be no need to mention the toilet facilities!  We had been told previously that MS Doma was unavaliable and we were upgraded to the MS Soliel. Our group shared this lovely cruise boat with a Polish party to Aswan and a Spanish party back to Luxor. The Soliel was excellent. The cabins were large with full landscape windows to take in the stunning Nile landscapes. Although we were docked most of the time and the curtains were drawn!   Whilst sailing we did spend the time up on the sundeck just lazing back watching the scenery pass by; drinking; reading and for some, taking a dip in the pool. A few of the group did take up the challenge of trying to beat our tour leader, Wael, at table tennis. But as a junior champion there was no way he was going to lose!   And there was no way we could fault the food. The chefs did an amazing job of serving up a varierty of tempting dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The soups deserve a special mention. My friend and I always had seconds!  The temples at Edfu and Kom Ombo were breath taking and we had an excellent guide. We were able to walk through Edfu back to the boat which gave us time to experience 'every day' Egypt and learn some social aspects about the people from the tour leader.  The three days in Aswan were full of various trips. My hi-light of the whole holiday being the camel trek to St. Simeon's Monastery. Absolutely loved it! It was like being in another world sat atop this camel which plodded its way over the desert landscape. Then it felt very special investigating the Monastery without the hords of other tour parties jostling to see specific details.   Another excursion worth mentioning was our dinner at the Nubian village. We had the honour of being invited into a home to hear a lecture about  Nubian culture. It was totally fasinating. And as one tour member stated, one of the best meals of the whole adventure.   It was also amazing travelling back over the Nile at night and seeing the whirlpools and eddies form as the gates opened in the dam to bring fresh water down.  Our last day back in Luxor was a little hectic to say the least! Hot air balloon rides, Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple and donkey trek all before lunch...Phew!   Memorable moment of that day? My friend and I being only visitors in King Tut's tomb and the guide shining his torch down the Boy Pharoah's body to show how his body had been broken when they removed all the gold. A sharp in-take of breath moment to always be remembered.  It was with a very sad heart that we had to pack up and come home but this trip will always stay fresh in the memory. Explore need to be commended for this excellent adventure. And even bigger commendation goes to our tour leader, Wael. His organistion skills were outstanding and he had the patience of a Saint (how he managed to always smile and answer question after question, I do not know!) The whole adventure was much more than I ever dreamed it would be which I am sure the rest of the group would agree on. I achieved some personal goals on this trip which I owe to Wael Wanas and the extraordinarily lovely people that made up our tour group. I  cannot recommend this trip highly enough.   Book and go now! (EG -18th September 2010)
0 Carla Webb, 16/11/10

Having been inspired by a work colleague's trip to India with Explore, I decided to take a leaf out of her book and experience a solo adventure of my very own. The Nile Cruise stood out by far as I have always been fascinated with the ancient history of Egypt ever since learning about the mysterious legend of Tutankhamun at school.

I felt a mixture of fear and excitement upon arrival at Cairo airport, frantically looking out for my Tour Leader holding the Explore sign, but from the moment I got on the bus to our hotel I began chatting with the friendly people in my group and instantly felt at ease.    

From day one we were given the taste for adventure, taking in the magestic views of the Giza pyramids and magnificent Sphinx. Coming face to face with the treasure of Tutankhamun and visiting his tomb was an incredible highlight of mine, but there were so many other exciting experiences throughout the trip it became extremely difficult to choose a favourite.       

I will never forget the busy souks, loud noise and bright lights of Cairo where I had my very first Shisha (something I never expected to try but when in Cairo...) and visiting the beautiful Citadel mosque of Salah Al-Din was an honour.       

Travelling on the overnight sleeper train from Cairo to Luxor was a unique experience, not one I would necessarily want to repeat in the near future but it certainly was character building! However it was all worth it once we reached our lovely cruise boat on the Nile, which in my opinion is THE best way to see Egypt in all it's glory.       

This trip really did turn me into an adrenaline junkie much to my surprise, and by the end of the trip I had enjoyed an amazing hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, camel and donkey trek, calesh ride, steering a Felucca and swimming in the Nile. These were all things I had only dreamt of doing beforehand so to actually experience them was the most fantastic feeling in the world.       

And this was all possible thanks to our fantastic Tour Leader Wael. I recommend this trip to everyone for the time of your life - you won't regret it! (EG -18th September 2010)

0 Michael Conway, 12/11/10
An excellent trip, the sights of Egypt are justifiably famous, and combined with the coziness of having your own Nile boat, leads to an enjoyable experience. The Abu Simbel excursion is well worth it, flying down enables you to arrive REALLY early, watching the sun come up over Lake Nasser and Abu Simbel was a highlight. On the second 'free' day in Cairo, everyone joined the optional excursions, which were worth it, especially as the Cairo hotel is far from the centre. Expect a lot of hassle as a tourist in Luxor, I much preferred Aswan as a place, as you got left alone there much more! (EG -27th March 2010)
0 Sarah Forrester, 19/10/10
I was suspicious when I heard the name of the hotel was the 'Pyramid View'. It sounded like typical over-selling. We arrived late at night, so imagine my thrilled surprise to wake up the next morning to discover I actually could see the Pyramids from my hotel balcony! From that moment, the trip moved from one amazing sight to another. The Pyramids, the Sphinx, Saqqara, Luxor, cruising on the Nile, Abu Simbel....the list of unforgettable sights is too long. It's a long, tiring holiday without much chance to relax, but there's simply too much to fit in to spend it by the pool! The trip to Abu Simbel might have meant getting up at 3 in the morning, but it was one of the absolute highlights of the trip and a totally unmissable experience. Tariq, our guide, was full of information and kept us all in line - despite a few cases of traveller's tummy/heatstroke! Advice for travelling in Egypt: pack a lot of sunscreen (and a nice hat!), drink water until you think you might burst, and make sure you explore every site properly. Even on the Pyramids, packed with tourists, camel tours and hawkers, we found some secluded ruins with amazing hieroglyphs with no one else around. Egypt is full of amazing history and you won't want to miss any of it. (EG - 24th April 2010)
0 Lorraine Haines, 21/09/10

The best part for me was the small friendly boat taking us down the Nile. What a lovely surprise to be able to visit the Nubian Village and being given hibiscus tea and biscuits and meeting a friendly extended Nubian family, and learning about their customs. What great cooks the crew on the boat were, and of course our tour leader Mohamad was always full of enthusiasm and was always extremely polite. (EG- 10th April 2010)

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