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Marrakech Express QMR

Visiting: Morocco
Tour Duration 8 Days
Reviews for Marrakech Express 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings.

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5 Malcolm May, 23/03/15

Please Review Your Overall Experience And What Your Highlights Were

This is a fascinating trip, especially for those with an eye on costs. The use of public express buses and trains, which are all good and comfortable, help to make it even more enjoyable. The people on such a trip are usually 'up for it', flexible and good company.



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5 Pippa Mistry-Norman, 28/12/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Going to Hammam Majorelle in Marrakech with two of the women on the trip. An unforgettable and unmissable authentic experience in a local hammam.

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5 Paige Kimberley, 10/04/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

It is truly impossible to name a highlight of this tour. For one week there was so much of the unexpected, such a diversity of scenery, experiences and culture that ech destination complimented and enhanced the overall trip. Ultimately we were heading for Marrakech, which doesn't disappoint but Chechaouen tranquil yet steeped in a tangible religious history, Fes bustling in the medina and the various modes of transport made this an amazing trip where we seemed to do everything but not at a break neck speed allowing us to absorb the day to day life of Morocco and the Moroccans.

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5 Jayne Cross, 05/03/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Chefchouan was a photographer/artists paradise beautiful mountain town, Moroccan infrastructure was excellent so the travelling on public transport was easy as! Food, absolutely delicious, Tagines to die for and lastly you could absolutely shop til you may wares!! The group was an absolute blast!

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5 , 15/08/13



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What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

Chefchouan - in the Rif - was just beautiful and so different from the other cities visited. Beautiful weather, Beautiful buildings, compact and peaceful. I think we all wanted to move there!

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Khalid was excellent and arranged things seamlessly. Great food recommendations too!

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Be aware that you're not in Tangiers for very long at all so if you want to see the city do the tour land only and get there early.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

A really good way to get a taster of Morocco and the urge to go back!

4 , 15/08/13



What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

The walking tours of Fes and Marrakech - seeing the bustling souks both the very touristy ones and also the local food markets.

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Sad to say he wasn't the greatest. He didn't interact with us very much and once we reached Marrakech we barely saw him. Being more positive, he was very organised and always ensured we were in plenty time for the various buses and trains we needed to catch.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Go a day early! We were delayed an hour from Casablanca to Tangiers meaning we didn't get to our beds till 4am and our wake up call was at 7am! We were all a bit dazed on that first day as we were so tired. Also be very aware that with this really only being a 6 day trip (day 1 and 8 are totally travelling days) you visit 5 cities/towns so you quite often arrive have an afternoon tour and move on the next day. The local buses and trains were very good - first class carriage on the train.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

Despite the above sounding quite negative, I did thoroughly enjoy the trip, I guess I hadn't fully appreciated that we would be travelling quite so much. I did enjoy the various places we visited and the locals were very friendly.

0 Annette Marsden, 15/08/11
From arrival at tantalizing Tanger to departure in marvellous Marrakech, this was a fabulous brief tour of an intriguing country.  The initial surprise was the lower than expected temperatures for mid summer: Tangiers at 30 degrees was more than tolerable, but be warned: Marrakech at the end was 50 degrees and that was bordering on inhuman!  Bottled water was an essential on this trip.  Chefchaoen was so charming surrounded by mountains: beautiful and tranquil, until the bus broke down on exit.  This is a trip that takes public transport, and gives the traveller a real taste of reality.  The smell of a burning engine was a little disconcerting and the replacement bus never appeared, but we were English travellers: stoic and resilient.  Our response was to wait with a cup of tea: mint tea naturally!  First class rail travel to Rabat and Marrakech compensated for the bus breakdown.   This was Ramadan which added another dimension to the tour and perhaps it could be remarketed as a diet tour.  The Ramadan diet was not an issue, we did not starve and the festival allowed us to witness the incredible image of the many thousands of Muslims praying outside of the Mosque in Marrakech, moving indeed.  In fact, we ate well and a meal in a family home in Fez was wonderful, not just for the excellent food, but the ambiance.  The accommodation was interesting: ranging from reasonable to just above basic.  Usually it was ensuite, at Chefchaouen it was not but, I was reassured that I was the only person that would be using my corridor bathroom.  I was a little surprised to find several Spanish males in there the next day!  In Fez I was told the pool was open, which it was but I did consider the absence of water a slight deterrent to a swimmer! It was filled by the following day.  The hotels though always served their purpose, especially in terms of their location.  The main attraction for me is the chance to meet new people and my fellow travellers were great.  Perhaps I fall lucky, but this is the second Explore trip for me and each time I meet lifelong friends.  In addition the locals were friendly, though sometimes persistent and blonde haired travellers be advised, the colour causes a sensation in certain places!  Haggling was the norm and we entered into the spirit with gusto and enthusiasm.  We left Morocco with some diverse purchases.  The whole experience was refreshing perhaps assisted by the hamman and scrub.  The same sex semi nudity ensures that your travelling companions are no longer strangers!  However, it is something that should be done, if only to witness how much dead skin the body sheds!  Overall great value, and as ever it is difficult to put a price on experience and friendship. ( QMR - 31st July 2011)
0 Nicola Cowan, 17/09/10
This was the first trip I have taken with Explore and it was amazing. Our tour leader Aziz was a superstar and the places we visited unforgettable. I fell in love with Fez and it's vibrant medina, beautiful and peaceful Chefchouan, and I have never been to, or seen anything like Marrakech at night. I loved travelling by public transport, especially the trains, and managed to pick up a few bargains on the way. I went in March which was ideal because the weather was nice, not too hot. I would love to visit Morocco again and see more of this great country. Oh, we even drove past the King....can't say I've every driven past our Monarch!!! (QMR- 1st March 2010)
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