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Reviews for Realm of the Polar Bear - Expedition 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings.

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5 Clive Hurren, 02/09/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

This was the best trip we've ever been on! We were incredibly lucky to see a range of wonderful wildlife, much of it up close. Daily trips to land on the zodiacs were simply superb, and very exhilarating as you bounce across the waves! Great close-up views of calving glaciers and amazing icebergs completed the adventure. And to top it all, life on the ship was fantastic:- a comfortable cabin, marvellous food and a series of really interesting lectures on Arctic life from talented, experienced guides. Book this trip! You won't regret it!

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5 Ann Sankey, 29/08/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

I was very impressed with the way that G Adventures organised all aspects of the trip. We saw as much as was possible and every effort was made to ensure that we had an exciting and comfortable experience.

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5 Julia Godfrey, 05/08/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

Travelled on the M/S Expedition in early July, and went up to the North of Spitsbergen. It was stunningly beautiful - glaciers, mountains, sea-ice - simply wonderful. We were lucky enough to see a polar bear and her cub. Other highlights for me were the arctic fox, a large school of beluga whales and all the walruses! The boat was comfortable and the crew and staff couldn't do enough for you they were so friendly and welcoming.

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5 HOWARD NEWLOVE, 17/07/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

This expedition cruise exceeded my expectations in all respects. Bears, whales and my favourite, the walruses, were seen, the latter at very close quarters indeed. I even became very interested in the Arctic birds that I'd previously discounted. But perhaps most important were the naturalist staff, Zodiac drivers and the ship's crew who were passionate about what they were doing. I'll never forget dancing the conga at 80 degrees north to the sound of the Monkey Eating Eagles - the crew band.

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5 Bill BAinbridge, 30/07/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Fantastic journey circumnavigating the isand of spitsbergen , taking zodiac cruises and making regular landings. The sightings of polar bears, walrus, arctic fox, blue whales, minke whales, beluga and numerous birds wete amazing.

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5 , 15/08/13


Myra Johnson

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

Our trip in the Arctic on board the M/S Expedition was truly awesome. We were lucky enough to have a total of about 14 polar bear sightings – though I can only claim to have seen about 8 or 9 of them myself. Two large and well-fed looking bears came right up to the ship, posing for the camera and rolling between leaps from ice floe to ice floe. In order to find these bears, we sailed up to the edge of the pack ice which was around 81°N when we were there. We went to the small island of Kvitoya in the north east of Svalbard, which was the first time the ship had been there this year and were then able to circumnavigate Nordaustlandet (the big North-East island of Svalbard). On our Zodiac cruises, we saw some less well-fed looking bears on land (possibly juveniles and females) as well as some large groups of walrus swimming and lying about on land. Cruising along the cliffs where Guillemots nested in their thousands was a remarkable experience for the ears, as well as the eyes! We went ashore too to enjoy watching arctic fox cubs waiting for mum to return after hunting below the Kittiwake nesting cliffs as well as reindeer grazing peacefully. We enjoyed many more bird sightings (including Ivory Gulls and Red Thoated Divers), awesome landscapes, glaciers and geology. The icing on the cake though was whale encounters. Not only did we have a pair of fin whales around the ship, but we were able to watch a pair of blue whales feeding around the ship for around an hour one evening. I just stood up from the dinner table and saw two blows off in the distance – and there they were. Truly a once in a life-time experience! I told you that I wanted to see whales didn’t I – and I got whale sightings beyond my wildest dreams! The crew and housekeeping staff were brilliant and the food was just soooo good. Although there was fog on a couple of days, we also had sunshine and were even able to enjoy a barbecue on deck one evening! The experts and expedition staff were all very good with several outstanding ones. The photographer, Sue, was just amazing and so hard working. Oh and the cabins worked well too for us; we didn’t feel overcrowded with our son in our triple cabin. So thanks for all your help early on when we booked – it was a truly wonderful trip to a magical place and we will treasure the memories for a long time. Can’t wait to get my photos downloaded and sorted.

5 Genevieve, 07/01/13

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Standing on the bridge of the ship watching 19 polar bears go about their business on the ice in front of us. An utterly magical moment that I really can't put into words. Followed closely by sitting on the greenest moss imaginable while weeks-old arctic fox cubs played less than 10metres from our feet. That doesn't even take into account the bird cliffs at Alkefjellet, the Austfonna ice sheet and watching icebergs calve, climbing the 14th July glacier and being in a zodiac when a bear suddenly popped up in the water beside us. To be honest, it was all the most memorable!   

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0 I Cleave, 05/03/12

After a day of travelling and a very comfortable night at Hotel Spitsbergen we joined the M/S Expedition. The staff welcomed us aboard and we were shown to our cabins. We had a category 3 cabin which had plenty of room, a window instead of port-hole and en-suite bathroom.

After all the necessary drills we set sail and this is where the fun started. As we progressed along Isfjorden,  the pack ice which had been patchy began to thicken and we could see in the distance another ship and a couple of yachts that were not moving and were surrounded by ice. Expedition is ice reinforced not an icebreaker and our captain tried to get through but decided to turn back and we woke the next morning at anchour inYmerbukta inside Isfjorden. It was a beautiful calm warm day and the views from the deck stunning with the Esmark glacier on one side and pack ice on the other.

The morning briefings provided us with information on zodiac operations and behaviour in polar bear country. All our guides were armed every time we went ashore in case of bear encounters .The afternoon gave us a chance to practise our zodiac skills.  We saw a bearded seal sunning itself on the pack ice,  numerous birds and having found a place to land got quite close to Reindeer. So a good first day and back to the ship for dinner and then back to tackle the pack ice again. It took until 8am the next morning but we made it through so a day at sea with interesting lectures .We reached 80degrees north and what was to be a brilliant day. We started at the bird cliffs at Alkefjellet 60,000 pairs of Thick-billed Murres nesting on narrow ledges, an amazing and somewhat smelly site.  Then just after lunch a female Polar Bear with 2 cubs was spotted on the pack ice. They were quite hard to spot as she was moving on and off the ice but we stayed with them and one of the cubs stood on his hind legs to get a better look at us. This was to be our only bear sighting but how wonderful to see them in their true environment. We finished our day with a beach landing and 18 Walrus’s. The next few days we visited Gravneset Whaler cemetery and beach (where the brave can take a dip!), bird cliff and a hike to the top of a glacier, Ny Alesund, and just watching the breathtaking scenery from the deck. As we returned to Longyearbyen the pack ice had gone but was replaced by fog so our last hike was cancelled as it would not have been safe to land.

This trip brings home how wild and unpredictable this land is and wildlife is not”guaranteed" as with other trips (Galapagos and some African safari’s). The ship was comfortable, food varied and delicious and the crew and staff went out of their way to make our trip enjoyable so would recommend this cruise to anyone wanting to experience the Arctic.

Tips - I took my own wellies as have large feet but they do need to have a good sole with grip as having landed you walk in them on different terrains, inner soles will help keep feet warm when landing in water. It was not too cold, waterproof trousers over jeans were fine most of the time; ski salopets were useful for on deck when the ship was moving. Clothing doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, I bought cheap ski wear from a supermarket and it was fine. If you are prone to sea sickness we nibbled on stem ginger as well as taking medication, although we only had 1 rough night.

0 Gill Speechley, 17/10/11
I don't consider myself a 'cruise' person but this trip to Svalbard wasn't a cruise in the traditional sense and certainly counts as one of the best holidays I've had. On what other cruise would the ship drop anchor if wildlife was spotted ashore and ferry you in for a closer look in its purpose built zodiacs? The scenery and wildlife were fantastic! I went knowing that wildlife can never be guaranteed but we were spoilt to death! We saw 14 polar bears (11 were on a beach finishing off a whale carcass and one came right up to the side of the ship), walruses which we approached to within feet, arctic foxes, ring and bearded seals, baluga whales, blue whales, fin whales, puffins, glaucous gulls and lots of other seabirds. The photos I took, even though I say it myself, are magnificent! The scientific team/guides were all experts in their particular fields and were very approachable and interesting to talk to. The cabins were clean with en suites and, very importantly, decent showers! The food was delicious and varied and all the ship's crew went out of their way to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable. I cannot recommend this cruise enough but you do have to go on it to appreciate the magnificence of the Arctic. A couple of tips though - it never really got that cold (not as cold as England last winter!) so I don't think it is necessary to buy expensive thermal clothing just for the trip which some guests did. Waterproof trousers are a must though as you are likely to get splashed as the zodiacs plough through the Arctic waves! And if you are prone to being seasick take medication from the moment you board the ship and throughout the trip - prevention is better than cure and it worked for me! (ACS, 6th August 2010)
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