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Inside Vietnam and Cambodia extension VNC

Tour Duration 20 Days
Reviews for Inside Vietnam and Cambodia extension 5 out of 5 based on 14 ratings.

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5 Gareth Jones, 16/02/15

Please Review Your Overall Experience And What Your Highlights Were

This was a particularly interesting tour for 2 people who had lived through the Vietnam War (at a distance!). Compared to Cuba, visited 2 years before, it is much more economically vibrant. Hanoi is well, just motorcycles - and Ho Chi Min. Halong Bay is gorgeous - if the sun shines - and the train to Hui was fun. Hoi An is charming, if a little touristy, and try to afford a suit! Saigon has style and cocktails at the Rex are mandatory. The homestead on the Mekong and the local industries were the essence of Vietnam. Cambodia is different, poorer and dirtier but the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh is fairy tale and lunch at Raffles nice. If you like temples you'll be in heaven especially with the carvings at Bayonne and the trees still clutching at the ruins. A remarkable, revelatory holiday, unreservedly recommended.


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4.5 John, 01/02/15

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The Chi tunnels site is very well laid out for visitors and shows the ingenuity of the Viet Cong under very difficult circumstances. Some of the bomb craters as a result of the B52 bombers are clearly visible. There are samples of booby traps that were used by the Viet Cong on display. These used bamboo spikes to impale the enemy. The American GI's must have been scared out of their minds when they were walking through the jungle.

Very enjoyable tour

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Our Response

Thanks for your suggestion regarding covering some of the journey from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by boat.  There are ferries that operate in the wet season, but they can be unreliable and overcrowded, and usually take a similar amount of time to the road journey, or longer.  Scheduling a private boat is an option but would lead to increased costs and there is little to gain in terms of sights and scenery.  To make the journey more comfortable we will be using a larger coach in the future and we always try to break up the journey by making several stops.

4.5 Angus Hughes, 03/12/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Halong Bay and Angkor Wat - these have been on my wish list for years and this trip encompassed both - and they both lived up to, and surpassed expectations. Angkor Wat at sunrise is an absolute must for anyone that goes. Both of these sites, along with many, many others on the trip are stunning. The whole trip was an incredibly humbling, inspiring, distressing (the war elements and Killing Fields), fantastic experience. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone and everyone.

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5 SB, 09/07/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Hard to choose: Halong bay, Mekong Delta, Cu Chi tunnels, sunrise at Angkor Wat, all temples in Cambodia, street scenes all over Vietnam, Hoi Han Lunar festival, Hue,Temples and monks, The Genocide Museum, the Killing Fields, FCC in Phnom Penh, silk weaving side trip in Phnom Penh, beach day, all the amazing Vietnamese and Cambodia people!!!

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5 SB, 12/05/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

hard to choose: Halong bay, Mekong Delta,Cu Chi tunnels,sunrise at Angkor Wat,all temples in Cambodia,street scenes all over Vietnam,Hoi Han Lunar festival,Hue,Temples and monks,The Genocide Museum,the Killing Fields,FCC in Phnom Penh,silk weaving side trip in Phnom Penh,beach day,all the amazing Vietnamese and Cambodia people!!!

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5 Tony Mochan, 11/04/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

I thought that the most memorable moments were going to be Ha Long Bay and Angkor Wat. As it turned out the highlights were in Hue, Vietnam (tailors and cycling) and the Mekong Delta (python and coconuts!) The most memorable moments were definitely in Phnom Penh - visiting the killing fields, genocide museum and S-21 prison. Also in Vietnam, seeing the results of Agent Orange, as used by the Americans in the 1970s. Harrowing.The group experience was also a highlight. Too many other highlights to mention individually.Oh, and we saw a few temples as well.

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5 Denise Blake, 31/12/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Cambodia and Angkor Wat


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0 LB, 15/05/12
Travelling through Vietnam everyday was like turning a new page in a National Geographic magazine. Watching life on the Mekong delta was like stepping back in time and we all wondered in awe at their sufficiency on Ton Le Sap lake. Even the mists and cloud at Ha Long Bay could not detract from the beauty of the bay and what clearly could be another wonder of the modern world. From the vibrancy of the colours from the bright orange robes of the Buddhist monks to the rainbow coloured incense sticks sold on the roadside, the white sands and crisp blue water at China Bay and the lush green countryside with rice paddies at varying stages of growth was like an advert for a famous paint company. The food was as delicious as could be expected and one of the healthiest cuisines on earth with fresh meat, vegetables and herbs all cooked fresh to order, not as spicy as other South East Asian cuisine but uniquely flavoursome and you can always add your own dipping oil to taste.[Fabulous fish based sauce, to which garlic, pepper, chilli, ginger and/or lime juice are added] I thought I was proficient with chopsticks before this trip but became quite expert when rolling Goi Cuon or Bi Cuon, rice paper rolls all with chopsticks. The president banquet at Hue was a culinary treat and the 'dramatics' quite inspiring and made the evening's entertainment. Learning the Hanoi shuffle (aka crossing the road) at the start of the trip proved invaluable as the trip continued from towns to city and the flow of traffic, particularly the motorcycles and scooters never ceasing and an ever increasing number of passengers (5 was the most on a scooter) but the highlight was finally photographing a monk riding pillion side-saddle. The splendours of Angkor Wat was well worth the 4.30 start to see at sunrise and all the temples were marvellous, with particular mention to Bayon (smiling Buddha) and Ta Prohm, all of which were animated by the excellent guide Huat. I have to agree with other reviewers that you do feel 'templed out' after 3 consecutive days, but you could not possibly go so far and not see them, so well worth it. The scariest moment, and yet most exhilarating was crawling through the Cu Chi tunnels, [not for the claustrophobic] and wondering at how they lived underground for 15 hears in such confinement. From the boisterous cities of Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh the diversity of the country explodes and so moves on to the tranquil calm of the village life at the Mekong Delta homestay, Cai Be and Danang and the profoundly moving Killing Fields, My Lai and Genocide Museum, all which make this a perfect exploration of a most diverse corner of Asia.
0 LVDZ, 27/10/11

Impossible to say anything specific was a highlight as the entire tour was amazing. Everyone will talk about the insane traffic and that going native meant stepping into the oncoming traffic and just aiming for the other side. Trains and boats and planes, and buses and motorbike taxis and rickshaws, we did it all. Hot, busy but never boring, I needed a holiday when I got back.

The amazing contrasts between Hanoi and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), the beautiful coastline and the Mekong Delta. Wish we could have had more than 40 minutes at China beach, it was so lovely to get into the sea. The only negative would be the guy who owns the cafe next to the hotel in Hanoi ripped us off on packed lunches. There was a menu of various choices and when we opened the lunches they were all the same and the vegetarians in the group were faced with meat sandwiches. The lunch wasn't very good and most of the group ditched it - not Explore's fault.

There was such great variety to see and experience on the tour and the very mixed group travelling together got on like a house on fire. There was the odd tear in the eye as goodbyes were said at the end. The Cambodian extension was well worth it. Significantly poorer than Vietnam, it was an education in Phnom Penh and the temples at Angkor were breathtaking, although personally I felt a bit templed out by day three 13 temples later!

We ate crickets and spiders at the roadside and some of the group raved about the Cambodian barbeque in Siem Reap. We made an unexpected visit to a little orphanage, and some of the teachers in the group wished we could have been prepared with books, pens and toys, and maybe an opportunity to teach some basic English for a couple of hours. All in all one of the best holidays I have had so far, would highly recommend it as a 'must do'. Thanks Explore! (VNC -6th August 2011)

0 HT, 27/10/11
What a great holiday.  As usual the group makes a holiday but the experience of this trip will stay with me forever.  From the hectic streets of Hanoi to the Temples of Angkor, this trip was exciting all the way.  As a new explore customer i will definitely be back for more! (VNC -23rd July 2011)
0 PG, 16/05/11
This was my first trip with a group. I  travel independently. But I was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, and people skills of Explore's  guides. Accommodations were quite reasonable. Their itinerary was accurate. This tour covered main tourist highlights, but even nicer was  our guides to getting us off the beaten path. I really feel that I got a window into both countries, difficult to do in such a short time.  Two tips, pack powdered energy drink (like Gatorade) to combat dehydration. And bring your light sleeping sack not only on the train, but on the homestay.  It was wonderful. (VNC - 13th February 2011)
0 Janet Downie, 10/03/11
The people I met were all amazing - from the group members to the locals who looked after us.  Had an wonderful full on trip and would recommend this to anyone. Fantastic scenery, plenty of history although it is difficult to find anything in Vietnam pre war. Train trip is great, The ferry trip just before the Cambodian Border crossing gave us a great chance to take some amazing pictures of local food market Most scenic places are Ha Long Bay and Hoi An. Must see cities got to be Saigon and Phnom Penh. You must visit Cambodia soon before the mass tourist industry turns Siem Reap into a clone of all other resorts. word ti the wise - do not change money at the Cambodia Border crossing, spend it before you get there US dollars are good everywhere even in small stores. (VNC - 23rd December 2010).
0 David Foster, 12/11/10
The Posado del Castano guest house had a stunning authentic Spanish interior, matched by the facilities, care and hospitality we received.   The Beiro Rio package was excellent but marred by our  being woken up every night by dogs barking for hours - probably guard dogs together with hunting dogs left outside on caged trailers.  Mon Walk  - V Interesting but more arduous than description indicated.  Tues -  Cycling Trip route excellent - outstandingly memorable countryside and views. The quality of cycles, support mechanic,and reserve transport were impressive.   Wed - Our optional visit to Seville  - saw Cathedral, Alcazar and Bullfighting Stadium  - V worthwhile trip  Thurs  -  The cave visit in Aracena was stunning.  The short local walk round Mertola in the evening was very worthwhile. Craig gave a very informative running commentary on the local interest, history and archaeology.  Fri - The Canoeing down the Guadiana river should  have been the outstanding excursion and the local support team gave every assistance to make it an enjoyable trip - but the canoes had no back rests and were uncomfortable for some.   Sat - Excellent walk in Guadiana National Park.  To sum up, both Robledo and Mertola had all the interest and facilities one could wish for.  The whole holiday package was well organised by Explore.  Craig -  Our Tour Guide was considerate, efficient and had a wealth of historical and local knowledge which he passed on to us.   He was always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we got the most out of our trip.  He had planned all our excursions with great care and imagination.  The social arrangements -  the environment in the cafes and restaurants we visited -  were arranged to enable the group to get the best out of the holiday. (VNC -October 24th 2010)
0 D.M.V, 20/09/10
Day one, Hanoi City- waking early to the sounds of eastern music; loud, close with a tinny piped quality; I'm momentarily confused. Realization quickly dawns; the square opposite the hotel has transformed itself into a huge Tai Chi arena. Many diverse groups, some waving red flags others wielding batons are all moving rhythmically with uninhibited focus. It's immediately exciting, exotic and totally different. in true "Explore" fashion we are thus introduced to Hanoi City and North Vietnam. From learning to cross the road, I joke not (just walk steadily and the millions of motor cycles will part and allow you to cross unscathed) to enjoying Halong Bay with its incredibly dramatic islands we begin to appreciate and love this amazing country. Highlights would have to include; the over night train journey south, dress design and construction in Hoi An for my daughters wedding, the mind blowing Cu Chi tunnels and the beautiful fascinating Mekong Delta complete with home stay.  Travelling with Explore has once again been a fabulous experience; educating and thought provoking; leaving enduring, very special memories. (VN- 16th Januray 2010)
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