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Yosemite and Grand Canyon YSH

Visiting: USA
Tour Duration 20 Days
Reviews for Yosemite and Grand Canyon 4.5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings.

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Tour notes

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We have the following different versions of the Yosemite and Grand Canyon tour available at present.

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4.5 Pauline Clapton, 17/10/15

Please review your overall experience and what your highlights were

Very busy yet fantastic tour, seeing a huge variety of sites and environments. The fact that this tour visits so many places is what makes it so enjoyable, as every day you will be seeing something totally new and awe-inspiring. Even the long driving days are filled with amazing scenery, stops for walks, and are in fact some of the most interesting of the trip. The opportunity to hike in the various parks is the bonus of this trip, as you get to immerse yourself in the environment, rather than simply being a spectator at photo-stops which is the case on many others. The highlights for us were Bryce and Zion, due to the incredible colours, unique geological features, and enjoyable walks, but everywhere visited has something special to see.

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5 Ian Parson, 26/11/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

We walked in Bryce Canyon just after a monsoon storm had passed through. It was quiet and the scenery spectacular. Technicolour spires, amazing geology, arches and balanced rocks. A fantasyland. The best walk, along the Navajo and Peekaboo loops and Rim trail, of the trip.

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5 Audrey Roberts, 18/08/14

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

Each day brought new highlights and memorable moments. We were lucky in that our group consisted of only six people plus our guide.

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4.5 , 03/09/13


Jane Ross

Tour Name

Yosemite and Grand Canyon

Tour Code


What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

The highlights included: driving through Death Valley and Monument Valley, hiking through Bryce and Zion National Parks, discovering towns like Moab and settlements on Route 66, and flying over the Grand Canyon. It was also a revelation that there were so many Rock Art sites on this tour.

Tour Leader Name

Angela Schmidt

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

Our tour guide, who was also our driver, was open, friendly and flexible. She knew the sites very well (and the roads) and was always ready with recommendations for where to eat and things to see. There were even few nice 'surprise' detours thrown in.

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

If you want to visit Alcatraz book at least two weeks before the start of the tour - the same goes for Las Vegas shows.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

One of your reviewers of this tour (though not the one I was on) expressed the view that guides should not be drivers. In our case, the combo worked very well:our guide/driver had extensive local knowledge which enhanced our experience. We saw and did so much every day.

3 Ian Soulsby, 31/08/12

What was the highlight or most memorable moment of your tour?

The wide & varied itinerary created highlights & new experiences throughout the whole journey.

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Our Response

As you can appreciate Alcatraz can be very popular tourist destination during the peak season and we understand that our customers may find it difficult to purchase tickets on the day. We realise that this can affect the duration time spent at Alcatraz.

4 , 15/08/13


Robert Bailey

What Was The Highlight Or Most Memorable Moment Of Your Tour

Bryce Canyon

How Was Your Explore Tour Leader

"He was an excellent driver, the smoothest we have travelled with in 30 years. He was a fine man, courteous, very obliging and made every attempt to meet everyone's requirements. However he was also our tour leader and the two jobs should not be combined. He rightly concentrated on safe driving and was therefore not able to keep us informed during the journey. This is the first trip in 30 years where the tour leader was also the driver and it does not work. Don't do it please. If it is part of your cost cutting it was a stupid idea."

What Tips Would You Give To Someone Else Booking This Tour

Don't book it. Look elsewhere . The tour business is very competitive and some companies move with the times. The standards expected by clients on a trip to the USA in 2012 are high. On a trip to, say ,Pakistan 20 years ago one expected low standards and to rough it to some degree. On a trip to the USA in 2012 one does not.

Do You Have Anything Else To Add

"The vehicle used for these trips is simply too small. It is cramped, uncomfortable and viewing is difficult because the windows are low and cut off the angle of view. We had a great group and got on with it but a lot of people we have travelled with on Explore trips would not have been so accommodating. The trip requires a tour leader and also a driver. The trip requires a larger vehicle. The standard of accommodation was generally satisfactory but in several towns was relatively bottom end and there were alternatives in those towns. Take a long hard look at pre-booking administration. It is well below par. I can give more detail if youy are really interested."

Our Response

We are sorry you were unhappy with the services on this tour. Our tours in the USA have been running with a combined tour leader/driver for over five years now. This is now the norm for tour operators in the States, and we have not found it to be an issue previously, as all information can be given before or after each journey, or during the breaks on it.

The choice of vehicles available in North America for our tours is limited. We choose not to utilise large coaches which we feel are at variance which the nature of our tours. We could perhaps reduce the capacity of our groups which would give more space inside the maxi wagon, but this would have a significant impact on the selling price of the tour. As you say, we operate in a competitive market, and we want to offer good value.

We will be in touch separately with regard to your comments on our pre-booking administration, as we would like to investigate any issues you have had.

0 M R Colishaw, 15/08/11
Grand Canyon, and landscapes in general, Bryse canyon superb colours. Take a good digital camera. ( YSH - 23rd June 2011)
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